The Ideal Schedule For Health

According to scientific research, those who weigh daily at 7 am, after waking up and going to the toilet are considered to be the most accurate and effective.
7 am is the most accurate time to weigh yourself
According to scientific research, those who weigh daily at 7 am, after waking up and going to the toilet are considered to be the most accurate and effective. If you weigh a lot during the day, your body weight will be within 5 pounds (2.2 kg).
9 am - the best time to visit a doctor

According to a study called Ten Mistakes Every Patients makes (10 easy-to-treat patients), 9 am is the time to go to the doctor, the best doctor

. Simply, this is the time when the parameters of the body are at the optimal level and also the time when the doctor is "the easiest". If the morning can not be examined, the early afternoon (13:00) is also considered favorable, especially in the morning is the time to take blood samples for high accuracy.
Best nap time
The best nap time is from 13:00 to 15:00, a time to help the female body recover physically and mentally, if doing desk work or driving will be more effective
According to research by Harvard Medical University (USA) and Athens Medical University (Greece), napping reduces the risk of death and heart disease by one third, in both women and men.

The Ideal Schedule For Health

compared to those who don't take a nap. Napping also causes melatonin to increase, helping to recover physically and mentally. However, it is recommended to sleep about 20 minutes is reasonable, if too much sleep, the brain will go into deep sleep, causing fatigue and upsetting the body's biological clock.
Meal time
The best time to eat snacks during the day is 15 hours, this is also a European - American eating habit. In the US, it was found and found that up to 71% of women eat snacks at 15 o'clock with a pastry menu with coffee or fruits, fruits. A snack of this type contains up to 100 - 250 calories depending on the energy needs of each person.
Relaxing time for limbs and mind
According to the Initial Lublic Offering encyclopedia, at the end of the afternoon, body temperature rises, so at 16 o'clock, combining mental work with limbs will bring the highest benefit
For example, women can go to the chat, read the newspaper, send emails .

The Ideal Schedule For Health

.. then switch to housework, house cleaning, will make the soul refreshed, pleasant.
Exercise time

According to research conducted by experts at William Mary College Medical College (USA), 16 to 18 hours is considered the best time to exercise for women, better than in the morning. Especially the effect of reducing stress after a day of work or caring for tired children.
17:30 time for cocktail
According to a study published in the medical journal Plos Medicine in October 2011, American scientists have found that from 17:30 to 18:00 drinking cocktails will promote the highest effect for secondary health. female, especially the detoxifying effect for the body. Using a low-alcohol cocktail will work for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reduce chronic diseases, increase memory.

The Ideal Schedule For Health

19 o'clock is the time to receive "bad" news.
Nobody likes to hear "bad news", but according to research, all the information related to bad omens can come out after 19:00, because this is the time when blood pressure and heart rate are at the lowest level. . This information should not be disclosed at 6 am and at noon - at maximum blood pressure and heart rate. Statistics show that more than 40% of heart attack cases occur at 6 am and noon.

20 hours is the time to prepare the best report
This is when the human nerves are lucid, especially the long memory, the brain processes information fast. Therefore, doing desk work such as writing papers, writing reports or studying ..

The Ideal Schedule For Health

. will bring high results. This is also the time for parents to remind their children to focus on their desks and help them practice
vibration learning.
22 pm is the time to go to bed and cuddle
No matter how busy your work is, you should go to bed at this time and get up early in the British way. According to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, after 22 hours, sexual activity is best suited to the body's biological clock, with a 10 to 15 minute long period being considered dark. the best..

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