The Miracle In The “bitter Fruit”

With a bitter nature and "shaping" not as beautiful and pretty as other fruits, bitter melon is called "green crocodile".
However, few people know inside this "bitter fruit" that hides many wonders for health, especially the beauty of women.
Slim thanks to bitter melon
In the US and Japan, the bitter melon slimming method is becoming popular and is considered to be absolutely safe and scientific. It is important to note that for effective fat loss, you must eat raw melon. With this method, you do not need to fast, no need to be active, want to sleep for as long as you want, eat whatever you want to eat

Not only popular in the US and Japan, according to scientists' research, the method of slimming with bitter melon is also popular in many places.
In China there is a tribe that no matter how much people eat, they do not suffer from general attacks, their bodies are neat, their skin toned and smooth. This incident has been reported by the China Television and Health program
After a period of research, people have discovered their secret: every day they eat from 2-3 bitter melon.

The Miracle In The

In Japan has ever seen selling slimming pills containing "fat purification element of bitter melon", the price of each pill up to 3,000 yen. Because the price of each slimming pill was too expensive, the Japanese decided to use a cheaper method - eat bitter melon to reduce fat.
Minimum amount of bitter melon needs to provide the body every day is from 2-3 fruits. These bitter melon must be washed, seeded and eaten raw to work.
The "shirt" perfect for beauty
Many people do not have good facial hygiene, hot, dusty environment, and itching and pimples. The main cause of this phenomenon is skin irritation, clogged by the chemical components or secretions in your sweat glands, and dry skin due to insufficient water supply.
Applying too much powder or creams can sometimes backfire by clog more pores

To solve this problem, you need to cool the skin by drinking plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, bathing regularly to lower the temperature and make the pores clear.

The Miracle In The

Solutions of bitter melon for the above purposes. Bitter melon contains many vitamins and certain water ingredients to help regenerate your skin.
The vitamin C in bitter melon can prevent skin aging and reduce blood cholesterol. But vitamin C does not tolerate heat, so after heating, the basic nutritional value of bitter melon is also reduced. So, taking bitter melon squeezed drinking water is the best option. How to make bitter melon juice as follows:
- Bitter melon washed, chopped. Using a blender, puree, strainer or cloth to get juice.
- Add the right amount of water to your taste.

The Miracle In The

You can also use the following methods: crush bitter melon, squeeze water to apply on the face, helps face skin to avoid bran acne and itching from sweat; Wash bitter melon, put in the refrigerator, keep in the refrigerator for about 2 hours, remove and cut into slices. Apply bitter melon slices on face, eyes, leave for 20 minutes and then wash your face to moisturize the skin.
Good sleep and a relaxed spirit are the most miraculous remedy for a woman's beauty. Bitter melon has a bitter taste but is soldering, not boring.
In the summer, we eat bitter melon will have a refreshing cool feeling, stimulate the taste buds effectively. Bitter melon is also prepared into a refreshing tea to drink on summer days to make the drinker sleep well and mentally comfortable..

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