The Real Effect Of Vitamin B6 On Pregnant Mothers

General information about vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is important for brain and nervous system health, so it plays an important role in your baby's development. Specifically, vitamin B6 is needed for the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, important transmitters in the nervous system.
Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin used in more than 100 essential body processes to produce amino acids and metabolize macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Vitamin B6 supplementation is important for all body functions and health, from blood cell production to brain function.
The body can also produce niacin (Vitamin B3) from tryptophan amino acid by using B6

What is the effect of vitamin B6 on pregnant women?
Vitamin B6 is important for brain and nervous system health, and therefore plays an important role in your baby's development.
Babies need Vitamin B6 for healthy development of their brain and nervous system.
Mothers need to supplement vitamin B6 during pregnancy to help solve the following problems:
- Vitamin B6 alleviates morning sickness
- Maintain healthy blood sugar
- Prevent some infant problems like eczema and weight loss
- Use vitamin B6 during pregnancy helps children develop brain and nervous system
- Vitamin B6 helps metabolize carbohydrates and proteins in the body
- Also aids in the creation of red blood cells and antibodies in the body
Standard vitamin B6 content for pregnant women
Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B6 is essential for pregnant women, pregnant mothers should not buy vitamin B6 themselves to drink but should consult a doctor

The dose of vitamin B6 corresponding to each specific subject is as follows:
- Pregnant women: 1.

The Real Effect Of Vitamin B6 On Pregnant Mothers

9mg / day
- Women who are breastfeeding: 2.0mg / day
- Non-pregnant aged 19-50 years: 1.3mg / day
Top 10 foods with the highest vitamin B6 content
A variety of natural sources of vitamin B6, such as whole wheat and whole grains, fruits such as bananas or papayas, fish and lean meats, are all natural sources of natural vitamin B6.
Many types of beans and legumes are particularly rich in Vitamin B6 lentils, kidney beans, soybeans and chickpeas, all of which provide excellent natural nutrition.
Here are 10 foods with the highest vitamin B6 content:
- Sunflower seeds (smaller quantities are found in sesame, pumpkin, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds)
- Pistachio nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, cashews)
- Fish meat such as tuna, salmon
- Poultry like chicken and turkey
- Lean pork
- Dried fruits such as prunes, raisins or apricots
- Lean beef
- Banana
- Butter
- Spinach
Some notes when taking vitamin B6
- The processing of food causes large amounts of vitamin B6 to be lost. Specifically: Vegetables, fruits will disappear from 60-80% of the vitamin content, frozen fruits lose about 15% of the B6 content. Therefore, pregnant women should eat unprocessed fresh fruits to best absorb vitamin B6

- Do not cook foods containing vitamin B6 with acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes because it will lose a large amount of vitamin B6 in food.

The Real Effect Of Vitamin B6 On Pregnant Mothers

Cook each item separately to keep the highest vitamin content.
Should pregnant women take vitamin B6 supplements?
Vitamin B6 supplements can only be taken at the discretion of a specialist, pregnant women are not allowed to buy and use any vitamin B6 supplements without their doctor's instructions. can lead to health complications for both mother and fetus.
Vitamin B6 should be supplemented with foods that pregnant women eat daily, or multivitamin pills that contain a certain amount of vitamin B6.
Signs of vitamin B6 deficiency
Lack of vitamin B6 can be caused by many different reasons, the main reason is due to the use of insufficient doses, not getting enough vitamins from the diet, due to body condition, pathology or use of medicines to treat diseases. .
For normal people, the deficiency of vitamin B6 is only mild, but for pregnant women, the deficiency of vitamin B6 is especially serious due to the high demand of vitamin.
Symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency include:
- Dermatitis, arthritis and digestive system inflammation
- Depression and other mood symptoms
- Anemia
- Neuropathy
- Tired
Is excess vitamin B6 content dangerous?
Pregnant women should be alert to the risk of consuming too much Vitamin B6.

The Real Effect Of Vitamin B6 On Pregnant Mothers

Vitamin B6 is inherently available in prenatal multivitamins as well as in various fortified foods.
The excessive intake of vitamin B6 can lead to nerve damage, nerve paralysis.
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