Things To Know About Rabies In Humans

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), every year around 55,000 people worldwide die from rabies. Although rabies has existed for a long time and it is completely preventable, in our rural provinces, rabies is still complicated and causes tragic losses for families.
What is rabies in humans?
Rabies is a disease caused by rabies virus (rabies virus). Rabies is extremely dangerous and nearly 100% of rabies patients die. It is an acute viral infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system and leads to death

Rabies is transmitted from animals through bites and licks of rabid animals, especially dogs
In developing countries, especially in Vietnam, due to inadequate rabies prevention and control, rabies in humans is still present and complicated.
The virus causes rabies
The cause of rabies in humans
Rabies virus is mainly transmitted from rabid-infected animals through bites and licks on human wounds. Rabies is extremely dangerous, once infected with rabies virus, the probability of death of the patient is extremely large, almost 100%

The group of animals that are at high risk of rabies is hot-blooded mammals such as foxes, coyotes, wolves, jackals, house dogs, mice, cats, cattle, bats, raccoons .

Things To Know About Rabies In Humans

.. Especially dogs and Cats are common domestic animals with many opportunities to interact with people so people are often subjective, less precautionary, creating opportunities for rabies transmission.
Rabies virus is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals and excreted, followed by bites, scratches on the skin into the human body and gradually along the nerve to the central nervous system. Here, the virus reproduces at a very fast rate and then along the nerves to the salivary glands. At this time, the appearance of the patient is still very normal but rabies virus has invaded again with high density in the salivary glands. Rabies virus gradually damages nerve cells and gives rise to the typical signs of rabies

Rabies virus is mainly transmitted from rabid-infected animals through bites and licks on human wounds
Manifestations of rabies in humans
The disease will progress in 2 forms: the form of madness or paralysis but the most common is still in the form of mania.

Things To Know About Rabies In Humans

Be crazy
During the first 2 to 4 days of infection with rabies virus, the person will experience soreness, swelling at the bite or licking area. In addition, patients will have accompanying symptoms such as frustration, depression, wanting to scream, become violent, want to disrupt, against people around them with fear of light, noise, and low blood pressure. and sometimes also manifest ejaculate naturally.
The illness can last from 2 to 7 days or longer. Patients quickly collapsed, coma, fainted and died of paralysis of the respiratory muscles.
Less common than crazy. With paralysis, the patient does not show signs of excessive excitement as if crazy, instead showing signs of spasms, tremor and gradually paralysis of one or two lower limbs and spread to the whole body. Patients usually die on the 4th day of illness.

Things To Know About Rabies In Humans

How to prevent rabies in humans
Vaccinate all cats and dogs in the house
Kill animals and animals suspected of being bitten by rabid animals
Must chained, locked dogs carefully, do not let dogs on the street without a muzzle.
Avoid contact, stroking and hugging strange pets because they can attack, bite people who want to reach
When bitten by a dog or a rabid cat, go to medical centers for examination and vaccinations as directed by your doctor.
Vaccinating pets is one of the effective ways to prevent rabies
Treat wounds when bitten by an animal
Quickly wash the wound thoroughly with 20% thick soap, concentrated salt water, and flush with clean water
Apply antiseptic (such as alcohol, iodine alcohol) to the wound
Do not cover the wound
Local anesthetic near the wound to avoid the spread of the virus into the body
Go to the health facility to check when you suspect a rabid animal or a rabies attack
Rabies when onset of death is a certainty of death. Therefore, when we are bitten by an animal, we absolutely must not be subjective, neglect to monitor the progress of the disease. When in doubt, it is necessary to promptly transfer patients to examination and vaccination at hospitals, clinics or medical establishments for timely measures, avoiding unfortunate consequences..

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