Three Ways To Help Children Stop “apples”

Constipation is one of the most common symptoms of digestive system disease and is also a symptom of many diseases in other organs and parts of the body.
Although only a small symptom but causing many troubles for patients. In particular, constipation that persists in children can easily lead to physical damage of the colorectal if not treated promptly.
How to identify children with constipation?
In many people, constipation simply means less bowel movements. However, for some people, constipation means hard, dry stools, defecation that requires exertion or a feeling of stool in the intestine after defecation

. Currently, the definition of constipation is standardized according to ROME II: For children: it is a stone-like stools in most bowel movements for at least two weeks; No endocrine, metabolic, structural diseases…
Only lack of water and fiber can cause constipation in children?

There are many causes of constipation as follows: high fever, caused by medication; due to irregular bowel habits; due to a high protein diet, low in fiber, due to nervous tension, due to lesions in the gastrointestinal tract ..

However, constipation in children is often due to several reasons:
Constipation in school age children is usually caused by a diet that is not enough water and fiber.

Three Ways To Help Children Stop

Children who eat a special diet with fast food - rich in fat (fried meat, custard) and sugar (candy, sugary soft drinks) may experience constipation more often.
Anal cracking is another common cause. Often constipation occurs after a child has experienced a period of inflammation and is not healthy.
While they are sick, they often don't drink the necessary amount of water, making the solid and hard to move. These wastes cause anal fissures and cause anal fissures.
In young children, constipation can occur when switching from breast milk to cow's milk or from infant foods to solid foods.
Stress can also lead to constipation
Children may become constipated when they are worried about something, such as when they start going to a new school or when they have problems at home.

Three Ways To Help Children Stop

Children are lazy to go to the toilet, even when they need it. However, this is a less noticeable cause.
Some children become constipated due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which can occur when they are stressed or when they eat certain foods, often over-fatty or spicy foods.
However, it should be noted that in some cases, prolonged constipation may be a sign of a certain physical condition such as long colon, hemorrhoids ... Therefore, it is necessary to take the child to the doctor for examination if persistent constipation.
Green vegetables are good for children with constipation.

Three Ways To Help Children Stop

Can parents cure constipation for children?
Most people think that constipation is not complicated and have relieved symptoms, buying laxatives for themselves because they think that is enough. However, if that condition lasts will lead to many consequences such as hemorrhoids, prolapse of the rectum mucosa ...
The best practice is to seek medical attention to find the cause, diagnosis and proper treatment to avoid abuse of laxatives as well as unfortunate complications that may occur.
In addition, parents can also refer to the following measures to support the treatment of constipation for children at home.
Practice for children to have a habit of defecating on time, in the early days, they can not defecate, it is okay to persevere and be in the potty time (about 10-15 minutes), in general A few weeks later, it can form a habit of reflexes to go outside.
Increasing green vegetables in children's meals such as celery, chives .

Three Ways To Help Children Stop

.. combining fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, especially bananas, feeding children 1-2 bananas / day can achieve the effect of laxative , drink boiled water to warm.
In addition, children can drink a little honey water in the early morning, each time not less than 60ml and mixed with boiling water.
Rub the abdomen for laxative: Put the child on his back on the bed, the operator uses the base of his right hand close to the abdominal muscles of the child, from the upper right abdomen rubbed to the left upper abdomen then down to the abdomen lower right, push and pull like that.
Then proceed to rotate the wheel to push in the opposite direction. The massage should not be too heavy, each time for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day until the child defecates, should continue to do so for another 1-2 weeks to strengthen Try effective treatment..

Three Ways To Help Children Stop

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