To “overshoot” Safely

Choosing a safe place to give birth is essential and very important for all mothers about to give birth. The safest and safest place to give birth is at a health facility.
However, it is the custom in some localities that when women give birth, women must "overcome" on their own, sit, or lay in shack, not in the house. Besides, in difficult mountainous conditions, remote areas, unable to access medical facilities, what should pregnant women and their families prepare to "safely escape"?
Giving birth in health facilities - Many benefits for mothers and babies
Although there are limited places, in general, medical facilities are built and equipped according to uniform standards and when sufficient medicine and emergency equipment are needed to promptly handle them. For mothers with "risk factors" (detected through prenatal care visits), it is necessary to give birth at health facilities

In addition, cases of "at risk" yet to be delivered should still be delivered to health facilities because during unborn and postpartum labor there may still be unforeseen risks.
What should be prepared when giving birth at home?
In cases where there is no maternity ward, difficulties in transportation .


or giving birth too quickly, it is necessary to organize a delivery at home. Mothers and families need to prepare the following:
-Contact the person invited to deliver. Health workers of commune health stations or retired health workers should be invited ... or folk midwives (also known as garden nurses) who have been trained in clean delivery, have experience in helping.
-Choose where to lay indoors to ensure: Airy, clean, no drafts
Clean the house before giving birth a week.


-Specific assignment of family members who will do what, labor can occur at any time, including at night. If there are children, care must be arranged.
- Prepare clean birthing beds, plastic sheets wide enough to prevent blood and water from flowing to the floor, buckets or pots, a small table for delivery tools, necessary cloths for mothers and babies, and boiling water boil to cool to help midwives wash their hands, brushes, hand soap, light sources, sanitary napkins and heating facilities when it's cold.
In the case of giving birth at home, if there is a disposable “package of clean delivery” to be used for mothers and newborns, it is very good to prevent neonatal tetanus. There are people who give birth too quickly, can not predict the date of birth: because do not remember the last menstrual period, do not go to prenatal checkup, so it can give birth. Leaving children is mainly in a place where there is no preparation so no one knows how to give birth (except in the case of hospital transfers with midwives).
The risk for the baby is asphyxiation and infection of the umbilical cord, umbilical tetanus. The risk for mothers is omission of vegetables, haemorrhage, infections because the place of delivery is diverse (on the train, in the field, upland fields or in the toilet .


To prevent miscarriage, a periodic antenatal check-up is needed to know the expected delivery date. Know the early signs of labor such as: the appearance of pain, increasing pain, clear mucus to early medical facility..

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