Tonsils / Va Scrapes With Plasma Technology: Things To Know

Tonsillitis / VA is a common disease of all ages, especially for the elderly and young children. However, performing VA and tonsillectomy is usually only prescribed by a doctor in case of prolonged or repeated illness or affecting the airway of the patient.
At present, many people still believe that tonsillitis and VA is one, but in reality, it is necessary to understand the disease accurately as well as to choose the method to ensure the best performance. Here are some issues to know about tonsillitis and VA as well as the application of Plasma technology in treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness.
Differentiate between tonsillitis and VA
- Tonsils are a flesh-like structure, rather than lymph nodes, located on either side of the back of the throat to prevent bacteria or viruses from entering the body through the nose or mouth

. In fact, tonsillitis usually occurs when an infection or virus becomes overloaded, leading to swelling and inflammation.
- VA is the lymphoid organization in the nasopharynx. When the organization becomes inflamed and grows into an enlarged mass (or so-called VA), it will interfere with breathing air

Tonsillitis is a very common condition in children and needs to be removed early
When to appoint surgical tonsillectomy or VA
Surgical tonsillectomy is indicated in cases where the tonsils are enlarged, obstructing the airways, or repeated inflammation (4-6 times / year).

Tonsils / Va Scrapes With Plasma Technology: Things To Know

In particular, when applying the medical therapy does not bring the expected results, the patient is suspected of having signs of tonsill cancer or inflammation causing complications to pneumonia, myocarditis, glomerulonephritis, abscess around the tonsils, cervical lymphadenitis requires surgery.
VA surgery is usually performed in cases where VA causes complications such as sinusitis, otitis media, lower respiratory tract infections and affects the airway of the child, due to the closure of the posterior nasal cavity or relapse of VA many times but medical treatment does not go away (from 5 times / year).
Tons of tonsillectomy VA
There are currently many methods performed for tonsillectomy or VA curettage. However, each method has its own advantages and limitations for patients to consider:
- The cryotherapy method is applied by using liquid nitrogen when freezing evaporation, freezing breaks the cell. This method is less commonly used today because it is not thorough, easily causes extensive damage, and causes scarring after surgery.
- The method of dissection using cutlery and noose complements pre-anesthesia and local anesthesia requirements. Although the incision is beautiful but it is easy to lose a lot of blood during the procedure, it is necessary to monitor some time after surgery

- Unipolar or bipolar electric cutting method: quick operation, less blood loss of the patient but often causes deep burns, bad and damage to surrounding tissues.

Tonsils / Va Scrapes With Plasma Technology: Things To Know

This method not only requires a high level of skillful, skilled doctor but also must be considered in possible damage to surrounding tissues.
Tonsils with new generation plama knife at Hopital Hospital
- Method of cutting with regular Sluder or electric Sluder: anesthetic in place, using a cutting knife in a short-circuit state, like burning an electric. Although this method is quick to perform, the incision leaves a bad scar, requiring a skilled and experienced doctor, otherwise it is likely to cause a unfortunate medical problem.
- Plasma method (method of cutting by high frequency radio waves) is a technique that uses intelligent probes and electronic search mirrors to kill disease outbreaks and avoid minimal invasion. Does not cause blood loss, less damage to surrounding tissue, quick operation and wound healing.
Things to know plasma surgery technology
Plasma tonsils / scrapes VA with Plasma technology is the most modern method available today. In essence, a plasma is a conductive cloud that is created when radio wave energy comes into contact with cellular tissue and causes tissue to decay. This cloud will consist of water vapor and charged particles called ions, which allow for low energy transfer, thus avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Tonsils / Va Scrapes With Plasma Technology: Things To Know

The time of minor surgery is only about 15 to 30 minutes, patients with less bleeding, not having to abstain from talking after surgery, can return to work and study the next day.
Plasma surgery is considered to be a safe method, but there are still risks associated with these techniques. Therefore, patients should consider in choosing a reputable surgical address to avoid medical incidents.
At Hopital General Hospital, tonsillectomy / VA surgery with Plasma technology is performed by a team of experienced professionals, ensuring safety, no pain, bleeding or edema, helping patients to be limited. maximizing accidents, shortening surgery time and recovering from surgery..

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