Tooth Decay Caused By Bottle Feeding

Many parents do not understand why their children 1-3 years old are more likely to have multiple cavities in the upper and lower jaws; and few people know that the cause of multi-tooth decay as above is because children have a habit of bottle-feeding for a long time but poor oral hygiene.
Find the cause
Tooth decay caused by normal feeding occurs in children who have a habit of bottle-feeding, eating or keeping in their mouths of sugar-containing liquids such as sugary milk, juice, soft drinks during sleep.
Children who have a habit of sucking on a bottle or sugary drinks before bed will ferment sugars into acid, attack tooth enamel, damage tooth enamel, for a long time cause multi-tooth decay, especially the front incisors in the upper and lower jaws.
At night, children usually sleep for about 8-10 hours, this time only a little amount of saliva is secreted, so under the action of the sugars from milk or sweeteners will be deposited on The teeth destroy the enamel that leads to tooth decay.
In the oral environment, resident bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans are always available, which will use the sugars present in food left in the mouth, then ferment into acid to destroy tooth enamel, causing tooth decay

How harmful?
If children have a habit of bottle-feeding for a long time without thorough hygiene, the teeth will be mineralized or holes will appear in many teeth, if not intervened and treated promptly.
As a result, the baby teeth in front of the baby's upper jaw often have large cavities or large white patches, which then turn black or the enamel layer can be completely destroyed to form cavities.

The enamel and dentin layer of the milk teeth is very thin, long-term tooth decay if untreated and preventive prevention will cause pain and difficulty in chewing, learning, and affecting the aesthetics


Tooth Decay Caused By Bottle Feeding

In more severe cases, decay teeth can cause infections to remove teeth, sometimes affecting the permanent teeth below or affecting the whole body, sometimes can cause sepsis ... If To remove the milk teeth early, the permanent teeth that will grow later will deviate, affecting the function of chewing, pronunciation and aesthetics.
How to prevent?
The American Dental Association has given some guidelines for the prevention of bottle tooth decay:
- Do not let children go to bed with a bottle of milk, juice or soft drink in the mouth, if your baby has a habit of sucking on a new bottle, just put the bottle of water in the bottle and take the bottle out when the baby has been asleep.
- Should practice breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, drinking milk at meals, do not have a habit of holding your baby with a bottle to play around or suck the bottle when going to bed

- When your baby is 1 year old, children should practice drinking milk from a cup as soon as possible.

Tooth Decay Caused By Bottle Feeding

Because when drinking milk with a cup, your baby will not have a habit of holding milk in the mouth so the sugar in milk will not remain on the teeth for long.
- Keep your baby's oral hygiene clean by brushing their teeth, drinking water after drinking milk, or cleaning the baby's teeth with a cotton swab after each time they eat or drink milk.
- If your baby needs a pacifier to sleep, especially at night, they should drink clean water, limiting the use of sugary drinks.
- Practice for children to have the habit of regular oral examination every 6 months or 1 year / time, to detect newly decayed teeth and be instructed on how to take proper oral care..

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