Top 10 Foods That Reduce Fertility

There are many causes affecting fertility. In particular, foods that reduce fertility are a common cause.
Food is one of the reasons for delayed conception. According to statistics, there are many foods that affect sex hormones, sperm quality as well as egg quality. Therefore, the following top 10 foods that reduce fertility will give you a menu to avoid if you are looking to be a parent

Wine, beer and alcoholic beverages
According to many studies, sperm in men who drink alcohol reach much lower healthy level than sperm in normal people who do not drink alcohol.
Athenol in alcohol constricts blood vessels and testes atrophy, which affects the function of sperm production and is more dangerous, which can cause fetal birth defects. For women who drink a lot of alcohol can lead to amenorrhea, affect egg quality, even stop the process of ovulation

Men should not consume too much soy milk
Ice cream and dairy products
If you use dairy products for a long time, your body will gain weight quickly, which affects the fertility as well as conception.

Top 10 Foods That Reduce Fertility

Similarly, obese men have a great influence on sperm quality. Therefore, please have a diet of ice cream and dairy products in moderation only you.
The coffee
If you consume too many foods containing caffeine, your reproductive health is actually not guaranteed. This food also reduces the ability to conceive by up to 50% compared to those who do not use.
Soy and soy products
If you are a male, you should limit your use of this food. Because if you consume too many soy-based products such as tofu, soybeans, soy milk, it will greatly affect reproductive health, significantly reduce sperm count and reduce the function of the yang. object

Although garlic is a food that enhances resistance and has an effective preventive effect, people of reproductive age should refrain from eating fresh garlic because it can kill male sperm, making it difficult to absorb.

Top 10 Foods That Reduce Fertility

Eating lots of garlic is not beneficial for sperm
Nutritional content and beauty effects are known to many, but carrots contain carotene that reduces ovarian function, inhibits ovulation and leads to infertility, which is extremely dangerous.
Papaya is rich in nutrients, many vitamins are good for the health of women, but papaya contains papain enzyme which affects protein progesterone, making it harder for a woman to conceive than usual.
Organs of animals
Both contain heavy amounts of cadmium, which damages chromosomes, making conception more difficult.
Processed foods
These are foods that contain a lot of toxic substances such as preservatives, saturated fat, syrup ... These substances affect sex hormones, reducing the ability to conceive in both men and women.

Top 10 Foods That Reduce Fertility

In addition, some ready-to-eat foods come from gel-modified foods, which can have a negative reproductive effect, even affecting the development of the fetus later.
High consumption of processed foods is not conducive to nourishing sperm
Low-fat types of milk
Many women prefer low-fat milk to lose weight, in order to maintain a slim physique but this has been shown to cause a hormonal imbalance in the body, affecting egg quality and sperm and fertility for both sexes..

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