Track Your Baby’s Health Through Weight

From birth to age 3, children need to be monitored weight each month to know if the body is developing well or not. You should weigh your baby on a certain day of the month (you can choose the date of birth) and draw a "health path" for easy monitoring.
After each weighing, you dot a chart corresponding to the weight and month of the baby. Following those points, you will have a weight chart (also called a growth or development chart). If the weight curve goes up, your child grows well

Looking at this line, you can detect the phenomenon of babies gaining weight slowly. The cause may be a meal with a lot of rice (more flour or porridge, rice), less animal food, beans, greens, grease, making your baby not enough energy for activities and development.
In some children, the basic metabolism increases, but despite eating a lot, the weight does not increase much
Children with congenital malformations (such as cleft palate, cleft palate, and celestial heart disease .

Track Your Baby's Health Through Weight

..) sometimes receive good care and still gain weight slowly. With these children, parents need to take care to ensure the full quantity and quality of their meals.
A horizontal weight line means your child's weight has not increased. If you don't gain weight for two months in a row, your baby has stopped developing.
It is a sign that the baby has a health problem or is not nourished (such as not getting enough breast milk, eating a few meals, poor nutritious food)

It may also be because the baby is well nourished but too active, too much energy is consumed so he cannot gain weight.

Track Your Baby's Health Through Weight

For breast-feeding babies, the fact that they do not gain weight is often because they do not receive enough breast milk. You need to see if your baby is not attaching properly to the breast, or not feeding often, the number of times the baby breastfeeds too little, the length of time for each feed is too short, so he doesn't receive enough fat-rich milk at the end of the feed.
If your child is weaning, give extra meals, at least 5-6 meals a day. Add green vegetables, red and orange fruits to provide more vitamin A, so add a little oil to the bowl of flour or porridge.
For children under 3 years old, 5-6 meals should be fed daily. In addition to items such as adults, need to add a little fat or cooking oil.
For newly ill children, the nutritional needs often increase, requiring more meals at least a week to help children recover quickly.
Weight loss curve shows that your baby is losing weight, not developing well.

Track Your Baby's Health Through Weight

This is a dangerous sign, your child is very susceptible to bacterial infections, especially diarrhea and pneumonia.
Babies losing weight may be due to the fact that they fed their baby too early (before 4 months of age), they didn't get enough breastmilk or ate the baby too late (after 4-6 months), causing them to be inadequately provided and The right time the nutrients.
In this case, if your baby is under 4 months old, the baby should continue to be breastfed. If your baby is more than 4-6 months old, look for ways to encourage your baby to eat more, offer more nutrients; Daily meals need more green vegetables, ripe fruits.
Care should be taken to keep the body hygiene, food hygiene for the baby, not for children to contact with sick children. If your baby is sick or has anorexia for a few days, they should seek medical attention immediately..

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