Treating Postpartum Pain With Oriental Medicine

Women during the time of childbirth, pain in the joints, limbs, painful paralysis, severe discomfort, stretching difficulties called postpartum pain or folk called 'postpartum leprosy' '.
According to traditional medicine, pain after birth is mostly due to blood loss at birth, different from body aches in ordinary people, with the following characteristics:
- Timely: Most people feel ill during the time of birth, if not treated or treated incorrectly, it can last for months or years.
- Seasonal: Mostly when the newborn is born, it is true in the winter-spring, the weather is cold.
- Regional: Childbirth in the cold is more frequent, less in the tropics, more in the rural and mountainous areas, less in the towns and cities.
- It is flare-up: Most of the time, after being born infected with exorcism, in just one night all my limbs and joints are painful, unable to stretch, turn, even cannot go to bed

. again.
Pain after birth is usually caused by 3 causes: welding room, blood damage and congestion.
Pain after birth due to welding room
Causes: After giving birth due to heavy blood loss, uncertain hygiene, senselessness of attachment, negligent daily dress, inadequate nursing care, low morphology in the body, etc
weakness penetrates meridians, muscles, joints, making the blood numbness becomes painful.

Treating Postpartum Pain With Oriental Medicine

Clinical manifestations: Body and body aches, especially in the legs and lower back pain, limb flexions in the limbs are difficult, the operation is hindered, severe or widespread pain, not the most where?
Systemic symptoms in the early period are mostly shivering, fear of cold and toxic wind, headache, hot flashes, white face, uncomfortable eating, difficulty swallowing. Pale tongue, moss thin tongue, white, fine vessels, postponed.
Treatment: Nourishing blood, except welding style.
Remedy: Hoang Ky 15g, white agar 15g, parasitic funeral 15g, dong quai 9g, poisonous 9g, burdock 9g, licorice 9g, licorice baked 12g, fresh ginger 12g, cinnamon cinnamon 3g, excellent drink water , on a ladder.
Pain after birth due to blood damage
Cause of disease and pathology: Because during childbirth or after birth, too much blood loss makes the blood deficient, failure gas stops working, empty quadratic vessels, meridians, joints Skeletal loss of parenchyma produces painful body.

Clinical manifestations: Partly due to excessive blood loss, malnourished joints and meridians, making the joints all over his hands and feet ache. A dizzy mind, a palpable, erratic heart, yellowing of the face, poor appetite, tired people, shortness of breath, no sadness to speak or speechless, pale tongue, redness, thin, white tongue moss, damaged or weak circuit

Treatment: Complementary blood oxygen, moderate business communication.

Treating Postpartum Pain With Oriental Medicine

Medicinal: Hoang Ky 15g, 15g white cinnamon, 9g cinnamon, 9g fresh ginger, jujube 9g, 9g, room 9g, 9g burdock, 9g, 9g, millet blood 12g, excellent drink water, day a ladder.
Pain after birth due to blood stasis
Cause of disease and pathology: Mostly due to the fact that after birth, the evil is exposed less, the excess blood does not drain, stasis and stay in the muscles, for a long time does not spread, the operation of the blood vessels becomes stagnant. birth and body pain.
Clinical manifestations: After birth, the joints in the body become sore or throbbing, pressing more and more, the symptoms appear outside the body very painful, bluish-purple skin and stiff, joints stretching difficulties, the amount of evil revealed little or no time at, abdominal pain, fear of pressing, red tongue, white tongue moss, hypotenuse or wax.
Treatment: Nursing blood, blood stasis, communication stasis.
Medicinal remedies: Frequency assignment 9g, active 9g, regulation 9g, Ganoderma 9g, incense additive 9g, burdock 9g, earth dragon 9g, cross frame 6g, peach kernel 6g, rose flower 6g, licorice 6g, decoction water.
Some simple folk remedies work
Lesson 1: Black beans 500g, alcohol 1,000 ml, jujube 21g.
Usage: Roasted black beans for nearly burning, soak in alcohol, after half a month to remove residue, drink water, each drink 20-30ml, 2-3 times a day for 7-8 days.

Treating Postpartum Pain With Oriental Medicine

Lesson 2: Moina seeds 30g, jujube 15g, red sugar, sufficient wine, cook porridge to eat, eat on a ladder for a few days in a row.
Lesson 3: Marjoram 9g, bring the roasted dry out to get the egg white of the egg mixed with boiling water to drink..

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