Umbilical Cord Prolapse – Dangerous Obstetric Complications

Umbilical cord prolapse is a dangerous obstetric event in late pregnancy. If this situation is not detected and emergency timely will cause great harm to the health of both mother and baby.
What is umbilical cord prolapse?
Umbilical cord prolapse is a condition in which the umbilical cord is located below or beside the fetus. At this time, the umbilical cord will descend into the cervix and into the birth canal before the fetus. This causes the umbilical cord to be pinched between the pelvic wall

Usually, the umbilical cord is prolapsed when the amniotic fluid has rupture, but there is also a more dangerous case that the umbilical cord is prolapsed when the amniotic sac remains intact. Umbilical cord prolapse is a very common condition with about 1 in 10 births encountered. However, most people are mild so there is no danger

Umbilical cord prolapse is a first-line emergency for causing fetal distress due to umbilical cord being pinched between the uterine and pelvic wall or due to vaginal prolapse, blood supply of umbilical cord to fetus is delayed due to spasm of the umbilical cord blood vessels.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse - Dangerous Obstetric Complications

If the fetus is not removed immediately, it is likely that the fetus will die within 30 minutes.
Umbilical cord prolapse often occurs at any stage?
Umbilical cord prolapse often occurs in late pregnancy, about 38 weeks after the fetus begins to move around. Especially often occurs most during labor.
This condition can cause abortion when the mother is in labor. If not handled promptly, usually within 30 minutes can be dangerous to the fetus, even fatal.
If umbilical cord prolapse is not handled in time, it can be life-threatening
Causes of umbilical cord prolapse
Umbilical cord prolapse may occur due to the fetus, fetus, or fetal appendages:
Cause from pregnant women
Most of them have given birth many times, making the adjustment of the fetus not good causing abnormal condition, having tumor striker, pelvic bone distorted or narrow .

Umbilical Cord Prolapse - Dangerous Obstetric Complications

Cause from the fetus
Unusual fetal status (horizontal, inverted ...) due to uneaten pregnancy on the cervix
Causes from the fetal appendage
Abnormal long umbilical cord, multiple amniotic fluid, low clinged vegetables, sudden rupture of amniotic fluid causes the umbilical cord to follow.
Subjects at high risk of umbilical cord prolapse
Every pregnant woman is at risk for umbilical cord prolapse. However, if you are one of the following subjects, the risk of this situation is higher:
Having twins or multiple pregnancies
Abnormal pregnancy: horizontal, buttocks
The umbilical cord attaches to the lower edge
Abnormal uterus, low placenta
Born too many times
People with narrow pelvic or distorted pelvis
The cord is too long
Sudden rupture of amniotic fluid
Signs identify the umbilical cord prolapse
Umbilical cord prolapse is the umbilical cord prolapse (also known as placental cord) prolapse before the fetus, usually occurring from 38 weeks onwards or more dangerous than it was right after the rupture of the amniotic fluid.
Umbilical cord prolapse often occurs from 38 weeks or during labor
This condition is very dangerous when the umbilical cord is inserted between the pelvic wall and the fetus, or even falls out of the vagina, causing acute fetal failure. The fetus can die in about 30 minutes if it doesn't have a cesarean section in time.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse - Dangerous Obstetric Complications

Some signs of common umbilical cord prolapse include labor:
Seen through ultrasound
If the amniotic fluid has not broken, the pregnant mother feels that the umbilical cord will be in the vagina
After the rupture of the amniotic fluid, pregnant women can see the umbilical cord sticking out of the vagina with amniotic fluid or medical staff see when examining the mother.
What does a pregnant woman need to have an umbilical cord prolapse?
When pregnant, pregnant women should call an ambulance immediately and notify the medical staff of their umbilical cord prolapse. Pregnant women should not push the umbilical cord back inside, and should avoid eating before birth because the possibility of mother having a caesarean section is very high to ensure the safety of mother and baby.
While waiting for an ambulance to arrive, the mother should note, should maintain a face-down position on the floor with knees bent, elbows and hands facing the floor to reduce the risk of cord compression much. In particular, do not push in this situation.
How to treat umbilical cord prolapse?
Currently, the most commonly used treatment of umbilical cord prolapse is amniotic fluid. The health care provider will transfer the room temperature salt solution into the mother's womb during labor to relieve pressure that causes the umbilical cord to be compressed.
If the umbilical cord is compressed slightly, the woman will be treated by increasing the amount of oxygen to increase the amount of blood transmitted through the umbilical cord to the fetus.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse - Dangerous Obstetric Complications

In severe cases, the mother will be closely monitored for timely treatment if complications occur.
If the fetus shows signs of miscarriage or sudden reduction in heart rate, the mother will be assigned a cesarean section immediately to save the baby's life and protect her health.
Umbilical cord prolapse can cause dangerous complications, even taking the small life of the fetus, so a mother should have regular prenatal check-up. Especially for pregnant mothers who are in high-risk subjects, from 38 weeks they should have regular checkups. To be safer, mom can be hospitalized to be closely monitored until safe delivery.
Is it preventable?
There are no specific measures to prevent umbilical cord prolapse. However, if you are in the group of risk factors for umbilical cord prolapse, as stated above, later.

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