Understand The Pregnancy Book

The results of clinical trials, and any other details about your pregnancy, are usually recorded on a pregnancy checkbook, given to you at your first visit.
Always carry this book. If you need to see another doctor, this booklet will give the new doctor all the information they need.
Instead of a book, some hospitals give you notes about yourself. In both cases, you should make sure you understand what is being recorded, and if there is something you don't understand, you should ask for it

HBSAg: Addiction test for hepatitis.
AFP: Alpha FetoProtein
Alb: Albumin (a protein) in the urine
HA: Blood pressure
Sit butt: bottom baby
Sitting head: Baby in normal position (head below)
MLT: I got married
Peel: The baby's head has entered the pelvis
DS: Expected date of birth
Fe: Prescribe additional iron tablets
TT: Looking for pregnancy
TT (+): The fetus's heart heard
TT (-): Fetal heart cannot hear
+: Pregnancy machine
BCTC: Uterine height
Hb: The level of hemoglobin in the blood (to check for anemia).
HAcao: High blood pressure

KC: Last menstruation
MNT: Sample of urine taken from the middle part (of a urination).

Understand The Pregnancy Book

NTBT: No abnormalities detected in urine
KL: The baby's head has not yet entered the pelvis.
Edema: Edema (swelling)
Para 0000: A woman without any children
TSG: Pre-eclampsia
Throne: The baby is in the forward, backward position, how to rotate it first and back.
NC: Low birth weight
TK: Re-examination
NV: Hospitalized
SA: Ultrasound
KĐĐ: Vaginal examination
VDRL: Test for syphilis
HIV (-): AIDS test is negative
Abbreviations are used to describe the baby's lying position in the bow. Here are some poses:
CCPT: The dark bones turn right, bring forward.
CCTT: Slowly turn left, bring forward.
CCPS: Right rotatory bone back
CCTS: The hindquarters rotate on the left and come back.

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