Weather Changes – Watch Out For Emphysema

Emphysema is the result of many respiratory diseases, mainly the lower respiratory tract, which can easily occur when the weather changes to cold. The disease is chronic, long-lasting and often has negative consequences when complications occur.
Where to lead to emphysema?
Emphysema is a disease that takes or limits the elasticity of the lungs. The lungs include the bronchus, the medium bronchi, the small bronchi and the bronchiole (the so-called alveoli). Particularly the terminal bronchus (alveoli) is composed of no cartilage organization like other bronchi so if it is stretched, stretched continuously, prolonged, it is easy to create air pockets and then called emphysema

People divide emphysema into two types: primary emphysema and secondary emphysema. The causes of emphysema are very diverse, most notably chronic, long-lasting bronchitis.
It is also found that emphysema is common among smokers and pipe tobacco users
Chronic asthma for many years is a significant cause of the frequent stretching of the bronchial walls, alveoli and even the pulmonary capillary system of the lung organization, which has many negative consequences for the lungs including the disease.

Weather Changes - Watch Out For Emphysema

In lung diseases, tuberculosis is also one of the significant causes of emphysema. It is also mentioned that emphysema can be caused by a profession such as some of the trumpeters, glass bulb workers or workers who are regularly exposed to pit dust.
Common manifestations of the disease
- Difficulty breathing: this is the most obvious manifestation of emphysema, especially when carrying heavy loads, climbing stairs or working hard, overwhelmed, tired and especially when the weather changes, especially winter.
Dyspnea may be increased when lying down or suffering from a certain respiratory infection, especially lower respiratory tract infections (bronchitis, bronchitis - lung, lung abscess ..

Weather Changes - Watch Out For Emphysema

- Long-term hypoxia: People with emphysema often have reduced ability to exercise because they are very tired due to chronic hypoxia, especially those who have or are currently suffering from asthma. The patient presents with purple lips (due to lack of oxygen), deformed chest (it is called barrel-shaped chest).
In severe cases may appear edema, hepatomegaly, venous neck veins (when complications). The necessary subclinical tests such as chest radiography, CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), respiratory function measurement, peripheral blood test, sputum test, ECG ... help to diagnose the main disease. much more accurate.

Weather Changes - Watch Out For Emphysema

Emphysema if not detected early and treated promptly can leave dangerous complications such as chronic emphysema, respiratory failure, pneumothorax (due to balloon rupture) or obstructing pulmonary arteries.
How to prevent emphysema
Need to keep your body warm especially in the cold season, especially in the neck, chest. In the cold season, you need to take a hot shower and in a closed room, you need to shower quickly, shower after drying, then wear clothes. Daily cleaning of upper respiratory tract is very necessary such as: throat, pharynx, nose, teeth, mouth in the form of gargle, brush teeth after eating, before going to bed at night, put physiological saline into nose…
When suffering from respiratory infections, you need to see a doctor for examination, prescription, careful advice and definitive treatment, not to become chronic, especially bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis. lung.

Need to quit smoking because tobacco, pipe tobacco is the leading cause of disease. Workers who are regularly exposed to smoke and dust such as coal, smoke and dust miners, environmental sanitation workers and workers exposed to toxic chemicals should be provided with labor protection equipment.

Every day should exercise regularly, the most gentle is the breathing movements increase elasticity for lung organization.

Weather Changes - Watch Out For Emphysema

People at high risk for emphysema must practice breathing every day.
It is necessary to thoroughly carry out the tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine for infants and for those who do not have immunity against tuberculosis bacteria. If possible, some vaccinations for respiratory infections such as pneumococcal, Hemopilus influenzae, etc..

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