What Is Liver Hemangioma, What Causes It And How It Is Treated

Many people mistakenly consider liver hemangioma with liver cancer due to the presence of tumors, this confusion causes anxiety. So is hemangioma really so dangerous?
What is hepatic hemangioma?
Hemangioma of the liver or hemangioma of the liver is a benign tumor that occurs in the liver due to the tangled network of blood vessels in or on the surface of the liver. Depending on the person, the size of liver hemangioma will be different, there are people when detecting liver hemangioma is only small in size from 2 - 4cm but in many cases this number is larger.
The risk of liver hemangioma
Year old
Liver hemangioma can be diagnosed at any age, however people aged 30-50 are at higher risk.
Women are more likely to be diagnosed with liver hemangioma than men

Pregnant women
Estrogen hormone can cause liver hemangioman formation, in pregnant women increased estrogen levels also increase the risk of liver hemangioma higher than women who have never been pregnant.
Hormone replacement therapy
To treat menopausal symptoms, many women use hormone replacement therapy, but this method may be more likely to lead to liver hemangioma.
Symptoms of hepatic hemangioma
Symptoms of hepatic hemangioma are not significant and do not affect the body much when the size of the tumor is small

But if the size of the hepatic hemangioma is too large, the patient will experience abdominal pain, which side will cause pain.

What Is Liver Hemangioma, What Causes It And How It Is Treated

In addition to feeling pain, patients also feel nausea, anorexia, weight loss, fatigue.
Hepatic hemangioma
Is liver hemangioma dangerous?
Hemangioma of the liver is a benign tumor, so it is not dangerous, but for women using hormone replacement therapy or women during pregnancy when having hemangioma of the liver will be at risk of complications such as:
Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with hepatic hemangioma will experience the spread of a hemangioma, which means the size of the tumor grows larger. The reason is that an increase in female hormone estrogen during pregnancy promotes the development of hemangiomas.
Liver damage
Liver damage is unavoidable in the face of any liver disease, liver hemangioma is no exception.
Hepatic hemangioma as it develops will cause signs and symptoms such as pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, bloating or nausea and need to be treated.
How to diagnose hepatic hemangioma?
To detect liver hemangioma, patients often need regular physical exams or imaging tests because the liver hemangioma does not show symptoms, so it is difficult to diagnose right away.
Diagnostic imaging of hepatic hemangioma may perform the following tests:
When the ultrasound will see the formation of individual echogenic, the sound signal passing through the blood in the sinus cavity will be amplified

X-ray radiation survey
A radiograph by a doctor helps the doctor see the frozen capsule if the patient has a hemangioma in the liver.

What Is Liver Hemangioma, What Causes It And How It Is Treated

Magnetic resonance imaging
The image of the tumor obtained by magnetic resonance imaging is like an area of high signal strength. However, MRI is only accurate for diagnosing small size angiomas.
CT scan
In the CT scan method, the contrast showed a puddle-like tumor.
Diagnosis of hepatic hemangioma by CT scan
When a CT scan does not work, an angiogram will be used. The image shows the cave spaces of the liver hemangioma will be filled with circular or semicircular contrast material, in contrast hemangiomas may be delayed up to 18 days.
Liver biopsy
Conducting a liver biopsy with a thin needle is a fairly safe method but because there are now intuitive methods for accurate results, people do not apply much.
How to treat hepatic hemangioma
Cases of small size hemangioma: will not cause any symptoms, the patient will not need immediate treatment, just need regular examinations to monitor the development of liver hemangioma.
Methods of treatment of hepatic hemangioma will depend on the location and size of the hemangioma.

What Is Liver Hemangioma, What Causes It And How It Is Treated

Treatments may include:
Surgery to remove the liver tumor: In case the hemangioma can be easily separated from the liver, the doctor will order surgery to remove it.
Surgery to remove part of the liver, including hemangiomas: When the hemangioma is large and widespread, the surgeon may need to remove a part of the liver along with the hemangioma.
Preventing blood flow to the hemangioma: Hemangioma may stop growing or contract if not supplied with blood. There are two ways to stop blood flow by tying the main artery (ligation of the liver) or injecting medication into the artery to block it (arterial embolism). Preventing blood flow to the hemangioma will not affect the liver tissue as the liver tissue can draw blood from nearby nearby vessels.
Liver transplant surgery: In the school that cannot be treated with other methods, the surgeon will surgically remove the patient's liver and replace it with the donor's liver.
Diet for people with liver hemangioma
Types of food p.

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