What Is The “boy” Size?

Men often wonder about the size of the "little boy" because it is not only related to physiological life but also plays an important role in maintaining the race.
Structure and functions "little boy"
The Creator has bestowed upon men a wonderful genital organ, the penis, or a funny expression called a "little boy".
The penis is the main part of the genital organs, having a circular tubular shape, consisting of three tubes, located in parallel, composed of erectile tissues, surrounded by three layers:
Weight class;
Subcutaneous tissue layer;
Inside the cavernous and porous.
The corpora cavernosa is a pair of tubes structured as gaps like small caverns, which are made of erectile tissue, running along the length and upper of the penis.
These two tubes are surrounded by white scales, separated by a diaphragm

. Diamonds are structured as small burrows, which are bulges of twisted arteries.
These burrows are covered with smooth muscle fibers, depending on the elasticity of these smooth muscle fibers that the blood vessel caverns may enlarge or shrink whenever the penis is erect and faint, due to the high volume of a little blood.
The spongy form is a tube in the lumen of the urethra, the end of which expands to the tip of the penis or glans

When erect, the penis volume can increase 3 times the penis volume at normal.

What Is The

The penis has 2 main functions:
Excretion of urine out;
Reproduction function.
Penis has an important role in the emotional life and maintenance of race
What is the "boy" size?
A research at BV. Binh Dan studied on the subjects who were male patients aged 18-50 years old who had an outpatient examination at the Southern Medical Unit, from 7/2004 to 11/2005.
The results of this study have recorded:
Penis length when deflated is 5.2 - 8cm;
Penis length when erect is 9.5 - 12.9cm;
Penis circumference when farting is 9
9 - 8.

What Is The

Penis circumference when erect is 7 - 10, 6cm.
Through this work, it is possible to temporarily conclude that the penis length in adult Vietnamese men is 6.6cm when defecated and that the erection is 11.2cm.
Another study showed that in Asia, Koreans, the size of "little boy" is less than 10cm; China is almost 11cm ...
In Latin America, Ecuado men are the first with penis size of 17.

What Is The

59cm, followed by Colombia with 17.3cm ...
According to scientists, the size of the penis has little relationship with the shape of the external body, the tall body is not sure the size of the penis is large - long, or vice versa.
People are said to have small penises, when in adolescence, the penis length is not longer than 2.5cm; to maturity not exceeding 5cm.
Penis size varies by region and country
Does penis size affect pleasure?
Some people believe that small penis will not create pleasure for women during sex.

What Is The

Actually, such thinking is a mistake, because the ability to have sex is a complex behavior, involving psychology, neurology, endocrinology.
The vagina of most women normally is in a closed state, only when intercourse expands; The vaginal wall has many wrinkles, has great elasticity, so intercourse can adapt to all penis sizes.
In sexual activities, it is important to remember that big - small, long - short are the same, most women prefer the gentle, smooth and emotional prelude..

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