What Should Pregnant Mothers Eat To Detoxify The Body?

Pregnant women often have to eat a lot of nutrients for both mother and child, so eating will make pregnant women have flatulence, stomach upset, indigestion, shortness of breath and many other symptoms. . Nutrition experts recommend that mothers should use some of the following foods that will help pregnant women purify the body and detoxify excess toxins extremely effectively.
Bananas are rich in potassium, which has benefits for the heart and boosts blood vessels in the brain.

- Apple contains malic acid to help accelerate metabolism, galactose helps detoxify, pectin helps excreted and soluble fiber promotes excretion

- Seaweed contains many vitamins A and B vitamins. More importantly, in seaweed contains many fibers and minerals that help the body eliminate toxins. In addition, the alginic acid found in seaweed or kelp can slow down the rate of intestinal absorption, which helps to excrete and prevent leukemia

- In red bean contains lycorine acid helps increase peristalsis and reduce constipation.

What Should Pregnant Mothers Eat To Detoxify The Body?

Papaya is a unique proteolytic fruit that helps to eliminate fat accumulation in the body.

- Tomatoes contain vitamins C, E, K, B1, B6, B2, iron, carotene, potassium ... Using regular tomatoes to replenish the body every day will help pregnant mothers have smooth skin. , pinky and acne prevention. help diuretics

Besides, the nicotinic acid in both acidity helps lower blood cholesterol, so it is effective in preventing arrhythmia in pregnant women.

What Should Pregnant Mothers Eat To Detoxify The Body?

The vitamin K in tomatoes helps prevent bleeding and excessive blood loss during childbirth.
- Watermelons are considered by nutritionists to be diuretic and reduce excessive moisture in the body.
Spinach, also known as spinach, helps to promote blood circulation and balance the metabolism.
- Shiitake contains adhesives and helps absorb excess impurities in the digestive system, cleansing the blood.
- Strawberries contain substances that help strengthen and support the digestive system. In addition, strawberries also contain many organic acids, pectin, fiber and many minerals that help clean the stomach and eliminate constipation.
- Lemons contain vitamin C, helps detoxify the body completely. Lemons also contain enzymes that convert toxins into digestible substances, thus helping to purify the digestive system.

What Should Pregnant Mothers Eat To Detoxify The Body?

Lemon juice also helps maintain the body's pH balance. So drink lemon water with warm water daily to detoxify.
- Green tea has long been famous as a drink to help detoxify extremely effectively. In green tea contains many antioxidants, support the elimination of waste and toxins. However, pregnant women should not drink too much green tea.
- Watercress has excellent detoxifying nutrients. Watercress is rich in vitamins B, B1, zinc and vitamin E. This vegetable has the effect of supporting the digestive tract.

What Should Pregnant Mothers Eat To Detoxify The Body?

It helps eliminate unwanted fluids from the body, thus helping with the overall detoxification process.
- Garlic contains many antioxidants and has an effective antibacterial effect. Not only that, garlic also contains allicin which is a substance that helps eliminate toxins.
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