What To Do When The Bladder Level?

The bladder is an important part of the human urinary system, where urine flows from the kidneys.
Illness of the bladder will greatly affect the function of the urinary system, in which upstream inflammation from the bladder to the kidney is a cause of kidney inflammation and kidney failure.
There are many causes of acute cystitis such as kidney stones, ureteral stones or bladder stones.

Acute cystitis may also be due to examination or procedure by using a tool that is not completely sterile by experts, or also the case of bladder damage due to excessive sexual activity ... However, bacterial causes play a significant role.
There are many types of bacteria that cause cystitis, some due to going back in the urine, some from the blood passing through the kidneys and down the bladder (bacteremia, sepsis)

Most of the bacteria that cause cystitis are intestinal bacteria, mainly E.

What To Do When The Bladder Level?

coli, then proteus mirabilis, kelbsiela pneumoniae, enterobacter, citrobacter, serrater.
There are some highly toxic bacteria that are also very likely to cause cystitis and are difficult to treat, because they are resistant to many antibiotics such as: blue pus bacillus (pseudomonas aeruginosa) , staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus), saprophytic staphylococcus aureus (S.saprophyticus), staphylococcus aureus (S. Epidermidis).
There are also a number of common bacteria that are symbiotic in the genital tract but when they enter the urinary system they can also cause diseases such as corynebacterium hoffmani, staphylococcus (S.epidermidis), streptococci intestines (enterococcus)

What To Do When The Bladder Level?

Acute cystitis is a disease that often happens suddenly, including a number of symptoms that can make the person easily aware they are ill.

Acute cystitis is the most common type of inflammation of the lower urinary tract (ureter, bladder, urethra).
Lesions mainly occur in the bladder mucosa with edematous, congested forms sometimes causing bleeding. Symptoms often occur suddenly, such as urination accompanied by pain along the urethra to the bladder.
Pain and burning during urination and persists after a period of empty urine for many minutes. Because the lining of the bladder is inflamed, it is easily irritable, so the frequency of urination increases, making the patient always urinating.
However, because each time urinating causes cold, urine patients do not have enough urine to pause due to pain and sharpness (called urination).

What To Do When The Bladder Level?

When suffering from acute cystitis, patients often have a feeling of feeling below the navel (the area corresponding to the position of the bladder).
Although cystitis is caused by an infection, it is seldom a high fever but only a mild fever (or no fever).
The urine is often cloudy at the head of the yard or the whole yard, sometimes bloody urine, called hematuria (or haematuria or microscopic hematuria).

Massive haematuria is a hematuria with urine that is immediately recognized by the patient. Microscopic hematuria is a bloody discharge but the eye cannot see it but a microscopic examination of red blood cells in the urine is required to detect. The main symptom of hematuria makes the patient panic, afraid of not understanding what he is suffering from.
Acute cystitis is more common in women than men, because in women, apart from the structure of the short urethra, the urethra is close to the external genitals, so microorganisms can easily follow the urethra to go up causing cystitis Optical (it is called retrograde cystitis).
However, for women, there may be some red blood cells in the menstrual period and a few days after menstruation in the urine, so women should ask this question carefully.

What To Do When The Bladder Level?

Acute cystitis, in addition to clinical symptoms, ultrasound, X-rays, urine tests, cystoscopy are very necessary.
If acute cystitis without early diagnosis and proper treatment, it is easy to become chronic cystitis.
Often because the patient is afraid to see a doctor or not telling relatives and relatives, especially the cases of newly married (due to sexual activity and lack of hygiene) or the elderly, so The disease easily becomes chronic.

Chronic cystitis often occurs many times a year with symptoms similar to acute but more dull cystitis.
Due to long-term inflammation of the bladder, the wall of the bladder is thickened, fibrosis causes the elasticity of the bladder to be impaired with each contraction to flush urine out, especially in the elderly so it will appear. columbus.
What to do?
When suspected acute cystitis should calm and should see a medical facility as soon as possible. When the patient goes to see a doctor, the physician will identify the cause of acute cystitis, to treat and guide patients necessary precautions.

What To Do When The Bladder Level?

Acute cystitis is mostly caused by bacteria, so it is necessary to clean daily for external genitals, especially women.

External genitalia should be cleaned before and after qu.

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