What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

Mycosis (often called thrush) is a common disease in infants and young children. The disease is caused by Candida albicans. This is a common yeast found in a child's oral cavity. When children do not have good oral hygiene, this fungus begins to multiply quickly and cause illness.
Tongue manifestations in children
The disease begins with small white spots that appear above the tip of the tongue, then spreads into white patches on the tongue surface

. If left for a long time, mushrooms will spread all over the tongue, causing loss of taste, making children anorexic, painful, difficult to suck, stop feeding and fuss. If the fungus grows thick, it can spread into the airway causing pneumonia, lung fungus, spread to the stomach causing dangerous diarrhea.

The reason why this fungus grows quickly is often because children do not drink dessert water after feeding or eating the powder

In older children do not brush their teeth after eating, or eat sweet, eating at night makes mushrooms have a favorable environment to develop disease.

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

Children with HIV, cancer, etc. who have poor resistance, also often suffer from severe fungal tongue.
Some families often use inhaled corticosteroids for children with asthma, cytotoxic drugs in cancer, and broad-spectrum antibiotics often make the microbiological balance in the body seriously affected, facilitating for tongue fungus to grow.
Use medication to treat thrush
In case of thrush, if mild, can be used to gargle daily or 1% povidine iodine solution to gargle or use soft gauze soaked in solution to wipe baby's mouth and tongue.
Alternatively, antifungal medications such as nystatin can be used. This is a very good antifungal medication that is often used when getting thrush. Nystatin is virtually non-toxic at all ages, including weakened children and even when used for prolonged periods because the drug does not enter the bloodstream

Using this medication by mouth rinse for children is usually treated for 7 days.

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

You can also use a nystatine sugar coated tablet of 500,000 units to make enough liquid for one-time use. The solution is to take one-fifth of the tablet mixed with 1 ml of physiological saline (0.9% NaCl) or cooled cooked water and wrap with clean gauze around the index finger of the tongue and where the fungus grows.
The second is miconazole - a synthetic imidazol that is effective against many fungi, including Candida albicans. Miconazole is applied topically in the form of a 2% oral gel. Do not use this medication when a child is allergic to miconazole, children with liver disease, children can not swallow.

When used, the drug can cause gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, vomiting or sometimes diarrhea, hepatitis, rashes ..

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

. Although applied topically, there is a certain amount of drug that enters the bloodstream, so be cautious when children are taking a lot of drugs because interactions can occur. When used in infants and young children, care should be taken to ensure that the gel does not clog the throat, so divide the total daily dose into smaller doses and monitor the child to avoid suffocation.
If the oral and antifungal medication with the above remedies do not cure, the use of systemic antifungal drugs is required. Some oral antifungal agents inhibit ergosterol biosynthesis of fungal cell membranes. Give your child fluconazole or itraconazole.

Be careful not to rely on the white spots on your baby's tongue as this will cause bleeding, leading to infection. Do not use honey, lemon juice or lemon juice to apply on the tongue can be dangerous for children.

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

Because the disease is easy to relapse, after the symptoms have been continued, the child must be continued for at least 2 days, to coordinate with oral hygiene. Children should not breastfeed or eat food within 20 minutes after mouth contact. Use 0.9% salt water to clean the baby's tongue daily, after eating, drink or rinse your mouth with water. Older children use toothpaste specifically for babies.
Mothers need to be careful not to use medicines without their doctor's advice and not to listen to others' advice and do so, not only will the disease not go away, but it can lead to dangerous accidents. .

Prevention of thrush disease for children
Prevention of fungal tongue disease in children is very simple by finishing feeding and cleaning the child's mouth and tongue properly.

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Tongue?

Usually use filtered water for children to clean the mouth and tongue immediately after eating. Can use 0.9% physiological saline solution to gargle children.
For babies, need to use soft, clean gauze soaked physiological saline to wipe the baby's tongue. For older children, need to be taught how to brush their teeth and gargle after every meal. Do not give snacks, soft drinks and candies in the evening to avoid creating conditions for tongue thrush..

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