What To Eat When Drinking?

To minimize the harmful effects of alcohol, in addition to limiting your intake and intake, you should pay attention to the following foods before, during and after drinking:
Before drinking: (this is the best way to get rid of alcohol)
1. Take anti-drunk medicine
2. Eat foods high in fiber
3. Eat some tangerines
4. Drink a mixture of cow's milk and yogurt

. Eat foods that contain vitamins C and B
When drinking alcohol
Tolerance for meats, eggs, legumes, fruits.
After drinking alcohol
Chinese cabbage: Wash the cabbage, cut into long thin strands, add a little vinegar, white sugar, mix well to soak for 10 minutes then take out to eat, has a taste of sweet, sour, cool and cool alcohol.
Types of juice from pears (2-3 fruits), teachers' code (10 bulbs), sugarcane
Vegetables need: Take a handful of vegetables to be washed, crushed, minced, wrapped with cloth and pressed to drink water (this way can eliminate symptoms such as headache, brain swelling, red face caused by drunkenness alcohol) out)

Do: Use green beans, red beans, black beans of 50g each, add 15g of licorice, cook them, then eat both beans and water ,, can awaken spirit, release alcohol, mitigate the million alcohol intoxication.

What To Eat When Drinking?

Sour vinegar: The sour taste encountered with alcohol immediately produces axi B. Fat B and water can alleviate alcohol damage to the body.
When drunk, use sour vinegar 60g combined with 25g red sugar, 5g fresh ginger, add a little water, boil and drink.
Drinking cow's milk: Cow's milk and mixed alcohol can cause the protit to condense, slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body and have a protective effect on the stomach lining.
Drink radish juice: Use 500g of clean white radish, squeeze out water, drink tea instead, 1 cup each time, drink 2-3 times, have the effect of eliminating alcohol and eliminating alcohol.
Porridge water, rice: porridge water has many types of sugar and vitamin A, which is used to regulate the detoxification of alcohol province, add a little white sugar effectively as possible.
Egg whites: Take the egg whites, fresh milk and cook up into the soup, can eliminate fatigue, heat and alcohol

Fresh Ginger: People after drinking drunk feeling uncomfortable to vomit, can take a few slices of fresh ginger.

What To Eat When Drinking?

Tofu: When drinking alcohol, taking tofu as a close target is very suitable, because in tofu is mainly amino acid, this ingredient can detoxify when drunk, after eating can promote this. Alcohol in alcohol quickly excreted.
According to health.sohu.

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