When Elderly People Have Back Pain

People may have back pain. However, older people (older adults) are much more likely to suffer from pain than younger people. Back pain is only a symptom but annoying for the sick.
Back pain has the following two basic types of causes: mechanical damage and inflammation.
- Back pain due to mechanical effects: this is a common type of back pain in adults and especially the elderly, such as spinal degeneration, intervertebral disc herniation, double spine spines ...
Spinal degeneration is more common in the articular cartilage and disc position, because the body's gravity is so heavy that it affects the spine daily and the force of gravity on the shoulders and the system

vertebral system (such as sitting idle for long hours).

When Elderly People Have Back Pain

When the spine is degenerated, back pain symptoms are shown quite early and also because back pain phenomenon is very uncomfortable that forced the patient to see a doctor.

In addition to the causes of spinal degeneration, there are also mechanical causes such as heavy lifting, sudden change of posture or abdomen, disproportionate calves…
- Back pain due to inflammation: in the causes of inflammation can occur at the spine such as disc inflammation, tuberculosis, spinal cancer, arthritis in the pelvis ...
There are also many cases of back pain but due to inflammation in another organ in the body such as: inflammation of the female appendages (pyelonephritis, ovarian inflammation ..

), gastritis - duodenum, urinary tract inflammation diuresis (due to stones or bacteria) .

When Elderly People Have Back Pain

Diseases like this often cause dull back pain and back pain at the same time with the main symptoms of the disease (for example, people with stomach pain, urinary stones). These causes are also more common in older persons than younger people.
Find cause
Back pain is only a symptom that many illnesses are characterized by back pain. First of all, people with back pain should consider themselves ever since back pain and are there any symptoms associated with back pain?
For example, back pain at any time of day, whether the pain is continuous, the pain is intense or dull, in addition to back pain, there are also symptoms closely related to back pain such as: urination, urination, urine incontinence, bloody urine, cloudy or heavy carrying urine after; carrying heavy objects, wrong position (especially for older persons or taking care of bonsai carrying wrong-looking pots, too heavy ...

When Elderly People Have Back Pain

); Back pain is related to stomach pain or not; back pain in which part (upper or lower region); Does the pain spread to surrounding areas?

Some suspicious signs or phenomena may be found on their own but should not be diagnosed for yourself or a loved one without having a true medical expertise.
The most important thing about finding the cause of back pain is to seek medical attention at qualified medical facilities and diagnostic equipment.
When visiting a doctor, you need to hear clearly from the physician what you need to ask and clearly tell him about the back pain symptoms and the accompanying symptoms described above.
At the clinic, the doctor will examine the patient and perform the relevant tests that he deems necessary, such as suspected degenerative spine, protruding disc space, X-rays, tomography. computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging; When suspected due to urinary tract stones in addition to abdominal X-ray, physicians will ultrasound the urinary system (kidney, ureter, bladder), test for urine ...
There are many cases when finding the cause and taking appropriate remedies will gradually improve back pain, such as: sitting in the wrong position, carrying heavy objects disproportionate gravity between hands and two.

When Elderly People Have Back Pain

legs or cases of back pain due to sitting in the wrong position, from sitting for too many hours as for drivers, office workers.
What should I do when having back pain?

When the cause of back pain is known, the physician will have a specific indication for treatment, for example, urinary tract stones may use appropriate techniques to remove stones or remove stones.
On the basis of clinical examination, laboratory and laboratory results, the doctor will conclude and give appropriate treatment.
However, there are many cases, although knowing the cause but thoroughly solving it is not simple in day one, day two, such as spinal degeneration, disc protrusion.
When you know the cause of back pain, you need to find ways to resolve the cause and after you have cured back pain, you should not relapse to the cause, because if you have back pain, it will increase many times. than before.
In addition, other supporting activities are also needed such as gentle exercise depending on your strength and your disease, such as a herniated disc, you cannot exercise like other diseases. according to the advice of the treating physician (for example, walking on a flat ground without bicycles, motorbikes, cars where the bumping, bumping, many potholes .

When Elderly People Have Back Pain

..). Walking or exercise movements for people with spinal degeneration are also needed to consult a treating physician.
The use of drugs to treat the cause of back pain is not arbitrary but needs to obey the doctor's instructions absolutely. Great puzzle.

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