When Menstruation Revolts

When entering puberty (female hexadecimal, male hexadecimal), for girls, the ovaries start to work, the body has a change in the sex hormones will appear menstrual cycle - blood from the uterus out.
However, because the body is in a period of strong development, hormone levels are not stable, the reproductive organs are not complete, the phenomenon of menstruation sometimes "rebels".
Signs of puberty
Menstruation is an indication of the maturity of the body, the ovaries begin to function and the woman is likely to become pregnant, which is one of the important signs of puberty. The first menstrual age of girls usually starts from about 13-16 years old. In recent years, children tend to have periods earlier, some children have menstrual periods at 11-12 years

A cycle, also known as a menstrual period, has a duration of 28 - 30 days. The duration of menstruation is 3-4 days with heavy menstrual bleeding on the first and second days, the total menstrual period is about 60-80ml. In addition to the time of pregnancy and lactation, menstruation will accompany the woman every month until menopause (about 54-55 years old)

Unusual manifestations
- Amenorrhea: Probably due to abnormalities of development of the genitals: are cases of partial or complete development of the genitals.

When Menstruation Revolts

If the genital area is not fully developed, there is no menstrual period, for example no uterus or ovaries. If menstruation before 10 years of age is called early menstruation and is often pathological. If menstruation after 16 years of age is late menstruation.
The cause of delayed menstruation is due to delayed puberty, ovarian underdevelopment, or late development, due to poor nutrition, small, thin or sick people, so the body is underdeveloped. If after age 18 has not had a period, it is called primary amenorrhea.

Puberty amenorrhea is caused by endocrine disorders of the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovary and abnormal development of the genitals. This is a series of conditions closely related to the brain and ovaries, the uterus is difficult to treat

Bacterial infection, abortion may cause uterine adhesion is the cause of secondary infertility.

When Menstruation Revolts

In these cases, it is necessary for children to go to health facilities with specialized obstetrics and gynecology.

- Menopause: Many cases of monthly menstrual bleeding are still eliminated but due to anatomical obstructions that make blood contempt can not go out called contempt. May be encountered in the following cases:
+ Menopause due to non-perforation hymen: is the case of normal development of the genitals, but the hymen is thick, does not puncture so menstrual bleeding cannot escape.
+ Closing vaginal vaginal vaginal: because there is a horizontal partition in the vagina or the vagina does not develop in the lower part, the menstrual flow cannot flow out.
+ Menopause due to not having a vagina: due to the genitals having only the uterus and ovaries but not the vagina, the menstrual blood will be deposited in the uterus and overflow on the uterus.
Closing pain causes monthly lower abdominal pain, each pain lasts 3-4 days, then returns to normal. The latter pain increases than the previous pain. Sixteen times such pain will see a block on the pubic bone, sometimes painful tension, writhing.

When Menstruation Revolts

If the menstrual period due to perforation does not puncture, then heavy, tightness in the vulva, when stripe the lips of the baby in the vagina, the menstrual stretches stretch and become purple.
Hemorrhoids do not drain, stagnation will inflate the uterus, then menstrual flow over the uterus, causing the uterus and uterus to stretch, destroying the lining of the uterus and the uterus so it can not have pregnant. Stagnant bleeding is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow, can contaminate and then burst and will cause abdominal inflammation.
In order to prevent adolescent menstrual irregularities, when seeing girls aged 13-16 who have not had menstrual periods or have periodic monthly abdominal pain without menstruation or any other concerns, Mothers and relatives should take them to health facilities for examination and counseling.

- Menorrhagia, haemorrhage: Menopause is a menstrual period that lasts more than 1 week, blood clotting does not clot, a lot of blood is released in between periods. Menopause lasts more than 15 days or bleeding in the genitals (not due to menstruation) lasts, collectively known as menorrhagia - seaweed.

This phenomenon has a cause: when puberty, there are children in the first 2-3 years, menstrual cycle is not stable: increased estrogen but no ovulation phenomenon. Progesterone is not secreted in a balance with estrogen.

When Menstruation Revolts

Endometriosis thickens forever but blood vessels do not grow in time, there is not enough blood to nourish, necrosis, peeling off small patches, causing long-term bleeding called hormone-induced menorrhagia.

About 70% of menorrhagia during puberty is caused by hormones. Because prolonged blood creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow, they are prone to genital tract infections. The infection can spread to the uterus, (oviduct), narrowing or blocking ectopic pregnancy or anemia. If the children have dysmenorrhea, they must be taken to the specialized clinics for early treatment, to avoid discharge disorder.

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