Where Is The “strange” Headache?

Headache is described in various forms, sometimes very oddly, usually patients complain of headaches, strange feelings that exist in the head, strange frustrations in the head, no fixed position, no correlation equivalent to blood vessels or nerves.

A 53-year-old female patient came to the hospital feeling stressed, anxious and always complaining of a headache. Patients have had headaches for 10 years, often on both sides of the temple and the occipital area, for 15-20 months a month, 3-4 days for each episode; Pain often during stress, little sleep and when the weather changes.
The head seemed to be constricted, the sensation of the brain, sometimes aching in one place and spreading around like water waves accompanied by poor sleep, one night only sleeping for 2-3 hours, there was also a wake-up wave, mood or anxiety. constantly free from confusion, sometimes naturally very bored, tired, losing interest in all jobs

. This is a form of "strange headache" of many patients coming to treatment at Hospital 103.
What is a "singular" headache?
The "bizarre" nature of expression is very diverse: there is a sense of ants crawling in the head, the head is tense, compressed, the burning sensation is like rubbing salt, burning, being "nailed in the head", as "Hammering into the head", pain like "breaking a skull"; some patients have a feeling like "water is flowing in the head", there is a "bubble rising to the surface of the brain", there is a "floss in the head", there is a flapping wave, it feels like not his head.
The disease is often accompanied by insomnia, anxiety, always thinking that we have a dangerous disease, restlessness, fatigue, boredom, pessimism; nervousness, tremor of limbs, sweating, hot flashes, and burning cold; chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, frequent urination, diffuse pain in many places

Where Is The

Headache as "strange" nature as above is a special form of the headache type of psychological origin. Clinical manifestations of headache due to diverse psychological etiology, do not have a dominant mainstream characteristic. The nature of a psychological headache is the instability that depends on the stage of the disease, the form of the disease, the level of education, and the personality of the patient.
The head felt like it was being squeezed, sometimes it hurt a little and then it spread around
Headache is described in various forms, sometimes very oddly, usually patients complain of headaches, strange feelings that exist in the head, strange frustrations in the head, no fixed position, no correlation equivalent to blood vessels or nerves. Pain is infrequent, sometimes severe, sometimes dull.
There are two types of headaches that are caused by psychological causes and psychological symptoms, caused by the melancholy psychological state of a disease with physical damage
The cause of this type of headache is caused by emotional and mental disorders, often in people with emotional and emotional imbalances who always conflict with their family and the working environment but cannot get along.

Where Is The

with the society okay.
All of this stems from situations of distress, anxiety, resentment, frustration, aggression ..., often called "mental stress".
This type of headache is often associated with a state of anxiety so it is also called anxiety anxiety disorder or is associated with depression and paranoia. According to J.Nick, headaches are the most common cause of headaches, accounting for about 52% of headaches coming to the doctor.

Where Is The

How to treat the disease?
Psychotherapy: most people often do not know how to relax, do not have the relaxation and reasonable rest.
Especially those with a rigid personality, not flexible, not sociable. They often cower, even tense, angry when faced with stressful, frustrating situations.
This type of headache is often associated with a state of anxiety
It is that that creates great pressure and is the driving force of psychological headaches. The patient can resolve a headache through relaxation or guided relaxation.
However, when suffering from such a strange headache, it is usually only a prominent symptom in many manifestations of mental illnesses such as anxiety, phobia, depression, nervous breakdown, physical disorders or schizophrenia ...

Where Is The

At that time, the patient could not control the headaches based on relaxation therapy, common painkillers had little effect. So patients should go to mental health units for basic examination and treatment.
Patients need to have computerized tomography, brain magnetic resonance imaging to rule out pathologies with physical damage to the brain such as brain tumor, encephalitis, brain stroke. The combined implementation of rational and psychological pharmacotherapy is often effective..

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