Where Is The Tuberculosis Examination? Tuberculosis Examination Cost

Pulmonary tuberculosis is an infectious disease if exposed to the sick, if infected without timely examination and treatment, the bacteria can move from the lungs to other organs in the body, causing danger to patient.
What is tuberculosis?
Pulmonary tuberculosis is an infectious lung disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, tuberculosis can spread through the following ways:
Patients with respiratory disease, spitting out an external environment
Environmental pollution, humid air, smoke
When eating foods containing TB bacteria, such as meat from animals, TB can become infected
Symptoms of tuberculosis
The symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis are often confused with many different diseases.When having the following symptoms and long-term development, patients need to immediately visit a medical facility for diagnostic tests:
The cough lasts continuously for 2 weeks, when the cough comes with sputum, dry cough or coughing up blood
Chest pain and feeling short of breath
Feeling tired and sore
Night sweats, mild fever in the afternoon
Anorexia, rapid weight loss
Symptoms of tuberculosis
Is tuberculosis dangerous?
Pulmonary tuberculosis is a disease that can spread to many people, when the respiratory tuberculosis bacteria invade the body to multiply and develop, causing serious damage to the respiratory system and lungs.
Complications that can be encountered if TB TB is not treated promptly:
Hemoptysis: this is a symptom that occurs when the tuberculosis is severe because the tuberculosis bacteria cause artery necrosis.
Pneumothorax: TB bacteria enter the pleura causing pus to burst, bursting into the pleural cavity leading to pneumothorax

Pleural effusion: occurs due to access to a progressive pulmonary foci
Chronic respiratory failure
Fungal lung tumors
Diagnostic test for pulmonary tuberculosis
To diagnose tuberculosis, the doctor will ask the patient to perform the following specific tests:
Mantoux subcutaneous test: inject a small and safe amount of Tuberculin at the site of the facial skin in the forearm, the result returns positive or negative.
Blood tests
Chest X-ray: This is a method that clearly identifies the signs of pulmonary tuberculosis
The bacteria that cause tuberculosis
Treatment of tuberculosis
People with pulmonary tuberculosis can be completely cured if applied properly. Using drugs or surgery are two treatments for tuberculosis that are currently in treatment

Drug treatment
Drug treatment is the most common and safest method, the duration of drug treatment will last about 8 months if enough doses are taken.

Where Is The Tuberculosis Examination? Tuberculosis Examination Cost

If patients stop taking the drug, it will make the disease worse and cause the situation of drug resistance
Which medicine to use and how long to treat will depend on factors such as:
Health of the sick
Age of illness
Resistance to drugs
Type of acquired TB
Treatment with surgery
Surgery will remove the disease tuberculosis, which will create pulmonary compression that causes the tuberculosis to collapse and the lesions caused by tuberculosis bacteria will heal.
The case the patient will need surgery:
Drug therapy has no effect
Patients with respiratory distress
Secondary shock or bleeding
Silk thread thawing causes serious bleeding.
The infection is extremely dangerous.
However, surgery is a high-risk method because it can cause complications that can lead to death.
Where is tuberculosis examination good? Tuberculosis examination cost
Hopital Hospital is proud to be one of the prestigious and quality tuberculosis examination sites. Clinic throughout Hanoi, eligible to perform tests for tuberculosis screening, professional staff, dedicated customer service
The simple examination process only includes a Physical Exam and a chest X-ray, the patient can get the results quickly. Especially, tuberculosis examination costs only VND 305,000

Note: For cases of abnormal X-ray findings, the doctor will assign additional necessary services for the examination form.

Where Is The Tuberculosis Examination? Tuberculosis Examination Cost

All services incurred outside this package will be reduced by 20%.
Owning these superior advantages, Hopital Hospital is committed to giving customers absolute satisfaction when visiting here.
Hopital Hospital has prestigious and quality tuberculosis examination
How to prevent tuberculosis?
The following precautions should be applied to prevent the spread of tuberculosis:
Vaccination against tuberculosis
Use a mask when going out or when in contact with someone who is suffering from tuberculosis.
Cover your mouth when sneezing, wash your hands often, especially before eating and after using the toilet.
Do not share personal effects with the sick person
People infected with tuberculosis avoid spreading the infection to others by not sleeping in the same room as others, not going to crowded places ...
Patients must wear a mask, when coughing, sneezing, covering their mouths, coughing up sputum at prescribed places and sputum or other source containers must be destroyed in accordance with the method.

Where Is The Tuberculosis Examination? Tuberculosis Examination Cost

Follow a healthy lifestyle such as eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and not using addictive substances like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes ...
Clean living places and working places with sunshine and sunlight
Physical examination.

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