Whitening Facial Skin

To have a bright, healthy, pinky skin naturally is the dream of many girls. However, not everyone knows fully about skin and how to make their skin brighter and healthier?
To solve the problem of "How to lighten the skin naturally" thoroughly, you must find out the reason why you have a dark, dull, dark, dull skin. Usually there are the following main causes:
Genetics: people with dark skin, so will their children later. For this situation, we can overcome making white skin brighter, smoother, more ruddy than unable to whiten completely.
Sunlight: is our greatest enemy

. Sunlight brings light and life, but it can also take away a significant amount of water from your skin. In particular, UV rays in the sun will cause your skin to age (UVA) and sunburn (UVB). If you go outside without sunscreen or protective clothing, your face may be affected and sunburned so you should choose a good sunscreen when you are out and about

Due to hormonal factors: 37% of customers suffering from dull or no-bright skin condition were diagnosed due to hormonal disorders.

Whitening Facial Skin

With many different conditions such as pregnancy, psychological shock, premenopause leading to hormonal changes also cause metal oxidation reactions (typically copper Cu metal) in the body. The most affected area is the face.
Depression and stress: 94% of researchers claim that depression affects your skin and makes it worse. Studies have shown that depression (stress) can lead to the development of acne on the face and skin becomes rough, less youthful. Depression in the long run can increase the risk of skin cancer.
Due to external impacts: Occupying at least in the group of causes of darkening, darkening, etc. is caused by medication, foreign trade, burns, acne treatment, melasma and cosmetic allergies
Often this causes a lack of knowledge about skin care.

Whitening Facial Skin

Sometimes the use of a perfume with too much alcohol accidentally sprayed onto the face will also make the skin easier to catch the sun.
Unhealthy lifestyle: like staying up late, smoking, drinking alcohol, not eating properly, ... will also cause the skin to produce many pigments that make the skin dull. The excess or deficiency of iron needed for the body or lack of Vitamin E & A will contribute to the lack of vitality of the skin.
Currently, with ads which whitening methods can make you whiter after only 1-2 times, we recommend that you do not apply because these methods actually use Cosmetics have too many detergents, skin peels, completely unsafe and guaranteed for our girlfriend's health.
Safe solutions will lighten your skin gradually and you have to do it at least 6-8 times to get results, and the difference is that safe cosmetics will make your skin smooth.

Whitening Facial Skin

Membrane greatly increased after a course of skin whitening treatment Smooth skin, natural ruddy is also one of the most important factors to create a glamorous face.
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For the most rewarding advice for your skin.

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