Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

Pyloric stenosis is a syndrome that manifests partial or complete congestion of food and gastric juice from the stomach to the duodenum.
The chronic disease makes patients weak, exhausted due to water and electrolyte disorders, metabolic alkalosis and severe malnutrition.

The pylorus is like a "door" through the stomach to the duodenum, so all the causes of this "gate" narrowing are the pyloric stenosis.
People with one of the following diseases are more likely to have a pyloric stenosis: the most common is a peptic ulcer, especially a small curved edge near the pylorus.
Pyloric stenosis is also caused by inflammation in the ulcer in combination with mucosal edema leading to narrowing of the duodenum and pylorus.
Less common cases include: gastric ulcer cancer, ulcer or wart tumor, along with an infected gastric wall that narrows the cavity causing pyloric stenosis.
In this case, pyloric stenosis occurs slowly, gradually narrowing with the growth of the cancer. Polyps in or near the pylorus fall to the pylorus causing stenosis

The prolapsed gastric mucosa drops to the pylorus.

Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

Pyloric hypertrophy in adults. Diseases: Tuberculosis, syphilis, causing pyloric stenosis; Pancreatic neoplasm, pancreatic neoplastic pressure, causing pyloric stenosis.
Signs of pyloric narrowing how?
Normally when first infected, the pylorus is less narrow, and when the disease is long, the pylorus is narrower. Depending on the degree of narrowness more or less that there are corresponding symptoms.

At an early stage, circulation is not completely blocked but only obstructed, there are signs: fullness, vomiting and weight loss. Full or heavy epigastrium after meals, later vomiting after eating for a few hours, vomiting food.
Pain in the area of the navel, severe pain after a meal, if vomiting occurs, it is less painful

Vomiting immediately after a meal, vomiting food after eating.

Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

Then the X-ray will see: overnight more fluid than usual; The stomach contracts a lot and is strong, especially in the taste zone.
In the late stage, the circulation through the pylorus is completely stopped, more severe symptoms include: constant pain and a feeling of bloating.
Vomiting food of the previous day, vomiting was pleasant, vomiting stagnant water of dark green stomach, sometimes the patient had to pick up the throat to vomit.
Pyloric stenosis needs to be distinguished from some diseases such as esophageal dilatation, which shows when the X-ray shows that the esophagus is enlarged. Gastroparesis: usually due to neurological factors, inertia of inertia, no motility. However, these symptoms are infrequent and may recover completely.
Want not to get sick, what to do?
Pyloric stenosis is mainly treated with surgery, before surgery, patients have to be rehydrated with water and electrolytes, improving the body with sweet serum, protein and blood transfusion if necessary.
Surgery to address pyloric stenosis and cure the diseases that cause pyloric stenosis.

Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

If you have gastric cancer, you can cut the entire stomach or part of the stomach depending on the size of the stage of the tumor.
If the patient is late or advanced age, the body is too weak, it can connect the colon to restore gastrointestinal circulation. For chronic peptic ulcer, 2/3 of the stomach is cut; Selective nerve excision, simultaneously widen the pylorus or X-cut nerve associated with gastric connection.
Patients who are too weak, advanced age, suffering from chronic diseases such as heart failure, tuberculosis, asthma ... simply connect the colon.
So want to not get sick, what to do? The following tips are helpful for everyone:
Peptic ulcer is the cause of most pyloric stenosis, so we need to prevent this disease by: eating right, always eating slowly, chewing thoroughly.

Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

Never eat a lot of foods with sour taste that can cause stomach ulcers such as pickles, tomato, vinegar, batch, crocodile, tamarind, star fruit, lemon ...

Quitting or limiting smoking, drinking alcohol, not drinking thick tea, strong coffee, because these substances can cause stomach ulcers. Do not work hard right after eating. Avoid all mental stress such as anger, jealousy, envy ...

Who Is Susceptible To Pyloric Stenosis?

because that's also the cause of stomach ulcers.
Perform periodic health examinations to promptly detect and treat diseases: stomach cancer, gastric polyps, pyloric hypertrophy, tuberculosis, syphilis, pancreatic head tumors, pancreatic cancer ... to eliminate The causes of pyloric stenosis..

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