Women Over 70 – What Should They See?

The following is a guide for medical examination for a group of women over 70 by experts at Mayo Clinic (USA).
High blood pressure is a disease progressing proportional to the age, the higher the age, the greater the risk of disease, the culprit increases cardiovascular disease and other incurable diseases.
If your blood pressure reading is less than 120 / 80mmHg, you should see your doctor every 2 years. If the index is from 120 - 139mmHg first (systolic) and from 80 - 89mmHg (diastolic), check once a year. Above 140 / 90mmHg, should see your doctor more often or as specifically advised by your doctor

Breast cancer
It is recommended that women over 50 years of age have an average risk of breast cancer, should have a breast exam, preferably earlier than age 40, especially those at high risk, a family history of breast cancer, or a mutation in the disease gene BRCA.
Breast cancer screening usually includes chest x-rays. The doctor may also do a clinical breast exam or if additional imaging tests such as breast ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are needed
The purpose of this work is to detect breast abnormalities early, especially for breast tumors.

Women Over 70 - What Should They See?

Cervical cancer
Every two years should have a Pap test (Pap smear) and an HPV test (Human papillomavirus). If the Pap test is normal, then the frequency decreases, about every 3 years. Particularly for the age group of 65 years and older, if the hysterectomy is not needed, this test is needed.
Pap is a Pap smear or vaginal smear, cytology exam looks for abnormal cells in the cervical epithelial layer. The purpose of this is to detect cervical cancer.
During the Pap test, the doctor inserts a speculum into the vagina to examine the cervix and take a small amount of cells from the cervix to check. The HPV test is done in the same way

For women over 70, they should have their cholesterol checked at least once every 5 years.

Women Over 70 - What Should They See?

The cholesterol test is to know two indicators of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
Exceeding the permitted level may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. This is a "silent murder" disease because there are no external signs. People with a history of cardiovascular disease and previous bad cholesterol test results should see their doctor more often.
Check for colon and rectal cancer
Usually, when people reach the age of 50 or older, doctors often recommend that everyone, including women, get a checkup to see if they have a risk of colon and rectal cancer, especially for those with money. history, or history of polyps and inflammatory bowel disease. Tests to do:
- Colonoscopy: The doctor will use a colonoscope to insert into the rectum to see the health of the entire length of the colon.
- Virtual colonoscopy: using computerized tomography (CT) scans to scan the abdominal organs, including the colon.

Women Over 70 - What Should They See?

- Stomach blood test (FOBT). In this technique people take feces to a laboratory test to detect hidden blood in the stool.
- Flexible colonoscopy (Sigmoidoscopy), using a colonoscopy device to help doctors know the specific condition of the lower part of the colon ...
Check teeth and gums
For women over 70 should regularly visit the dentist for gum health, every 6 months. The doctor can clean the teeth and then assess the level of cavities and other related diseases.
Along with the dental examination, the doctor may conduct a physical examination of the face, neck and other abnormalities present in the mouth to provide timely preventive and treatment advice.

Women Over 70 - What Should They See?

This is an important job, because teeth and teeth are also closely related to the general health of the body, especially signs of cardiovascular disease and cancers of the mouth, throat and respiratory tract.
Entering age 45 or older, women should have a blood sugar test to know the risk of diabetes. A quick test of blood glucose (glucose) is usually done before eating.
Eye health
Experts recommend that women over the age of 70 should have regular eye exams (every 2 years). The doctor will check eye movement, vision, eye pressure, color perception and visual acuity.
Regular vision testing helps people know the health of their eyes, especially, detects the risk of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and other incurable eye diseases. .
Women aged 65 and older should have their bone density measured but if they belong to a high-risk group, for example, have had a broken bone, someone in a family has to be treated for bone disease or used a lot of medication bone density should be examined as early as postmenopausal.

Women Over 70 - What Should They See?

The purpose of this work is to know the bone density at risk of osteoporosis and fractures for appropriate treatment solutions.
Check height, weight
Every year, women aged 60 and older should check their height, weight and weight index.

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