Young Fontanel – Things To Know

When your baby is a few months old, touching the baby's head will see a soft spot in the evil beak, slightly inflate, which is called the fontanel. Although it occupies a very small area, it can reflect the situation inside the body of a child.
Fontanel and time of contraction
The fontanel, also known as the "front door," is where the top of the baby's head bone is not fully closed. The fontanel divides into 2 parts: "fontanel first" and "posterior fontanel". Anterior fontanus is a rhomboid opening between the apical and frontal bones, and the posterior font is a triangular gap between the apical and occipital bones


The premature fontanelae are constantly changing. On the first day after birth, the size varies from 0.6 - 3

6cm, the average is 2.

Young Fontanel - Things To Know

1cm. The fontanel of premature babies is nearly the same as term and term.
The fontanelle after birth is nearly closed or very small with the tip of the nail, this tip is closed very early, usually after 4 months.
The font is no longer palpable once it is closed, the average time of payment is nearly 14 months. Usually until 3 months after birth premature contraction rate is 1%. By 12 months, this rate is 38.8% and up to 24 months 96% of children have a contraction

Function of fontanel
The system of joints and the elastic seam between the skull bones performs an extremely important function: protecting your baby's brain from external pressure.

Young Fontanel - Things To Know

When the baby's head came out from the mother it was tightly squeezed.
Without the elastic gaps the baby will get hurt. Moreover, there may be bleeding in the brain, in the eye area and in the periosteum.
In the early stages of life, babies tend to be more injured, especially when they start learning to crawl, crawl or learn to stand - are prone to falling and being injured at the head. The fontanis acts as a cushion when a baby falls and protects him from brain injury.
Touching the fontanel have any effect?
Many parents worry about touching their baby's soft font. But in fact, the gentle touch of the font does not harm the baby. The fontanis is made up of many thick membranes, so you will not be able to injure your baby with the slightest touch.

Young Fontanel - Things To Know

Premature close
Premature baby closed too early or too late are signs of pathology. Usually, when examining, pediatricians before asking about the symptoms of the child, the first thing is to touch the baby's font to understand the development and health of the baby as it is a " window ”through which to see and identify the child's illness.
If the baby's premature ends early, it could be the baby's brain or early baby's bones.
It is thought that premature contraction is usually caused by congenital or pregnancy, women often radiate X-ray cause, maybe after brain inflammation, brain development stops that cause.
Premature closing late
Conversely, if the fontanel and the cleft bone need to be closed without opening and expanding with the child's age, it is also an unusual phenomenon, proving the ability of the bone to slow down due to poor thyroid function or disease. rickets, malnutrition or abnormal enlarged brain.
Check your baby's health through the fontanel

There are some people who think that a large, wide-headed head is intelligent, that is not true. In fact, when you see a large child head, large fontanel, it is necessary to be alert.

Young Fontanel - Things To Know

It is necessary to observe and touch to check the nature and condition of the fontanel to know the situation of child development development.
When growing normally, the fontanel appears flat and inflates with the heartbeat. Touch your fingertips with your fingertips, which will feel soft and underneath.
If the previous fontanel becomes fuller or even swells, it means that the pressure in the head is high (called intracranial pressure), most often seen in conditions such as blood pressure, meningitis, hydrocephalus ...
If the fontanelle is concave, it is caused by dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, and severe malnutrition. It is important to note that when the baby is crying, the fontanelle is rising, so it is necessary to check the fontanel when the child is calm.

Young Fontanel - Things To Know

If the fontanel shows irregularities, take your baby to the doctor for help.
Thus, touching the baby's font is necessary to check the health status of the child, but when touching, it should be gentle, appropriate, should not be too strong to scare the child and the number of strokes also depends on the attitude. and the health of the child. In addition to touching the fontanel, you should also observe the outside as well as the child's head ring to combine with the fontanel to get the right conclusion..

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