Young Lisp – Cure The Sooner The Better

In a child's development, language is formed on the basis of internal genetic factors such as the complex of conditioned reflexes due to the influence of factors from the external environment, first of all stimuli. into the listening center.
If there is a problem during language formation, there will be language disorder in children, typically lisp.

However, this is a curable disease and the sooner it is cured, the more effective it is, avoiding disadvantages for children before going to school.
Young lisp sign
Children with normal language development will be able to pronounce a few words at 12-15 months and by 2 years will be able to say some short and simple sentences like "I'm hungry", "Dad's back", " Can you play with me! ”...
If at the age of 2 years, the language does not develop spontaneously, or the development is incomplete, the child must be examined by a specialist to be discovered and have an early remedy for the child

A lisp is an incomplete language development commonly seen in children under 5 years of age.

Young Lisp - Cure The Sooner The Better

A lisp is caused by not saying some sounds correctly or your child replaces them with other sounds like th kh kh, b to p…
Through research, it has been found that there are two types of lisp, physical and functional. Entanglement is caused by physical changes in the pronunciation system or the central nervous system; hearing disorders in the case of hearing disorders primarily affected by high sounds; due to abnormalities of pronunciation apparatus such as cleft palate, paralysis of the tongue, paralysis of the lips, pharyngitis.
The functional laxis arises due to the developmental disorder of language without finding any other damage during language formation.
Throat only affects each individual syllable (syllable) or each syllable (syllable) or the whole word is distorted. Disorders of wind sounds are called lisp in the wind, disorders of the "r" pronunciation are called lisp in the pharynx, due to lips, teeth, "l" lisp ..

If the child has a lisp, the sooner the treatment will be, the better it must be to handle before the formation of the perfect language 4-5 years.

Young Lisp - Cure The Sooner The Better

If there are lesions at the organ of pronunciation such as cleft lip, cleft palate, sawdust ... should have orthopedic surgery, reconstructing the pronunciation organ.
4 principles for children's lisp.
In cases where a child has a lisp, parents should be very persistent in teaching their children to speak slowly, word by word, and by supporting the following basic exercises:
Practice lisp using an exercise system, based on four main principles.
The duration of the exercises must be short: due to the child's focus on homework. If a long exercise will make children very dizzy, so the ability to focus by ear, the child hears the correct sound of the sound being practiced is reduced.

Young Lisp - Cure The Sooner The Better

Therefore, the exercise time should only be about 2-3 minutes. However, if you want to practice well, you must practice several times a day (maybe 20 - 30 times / day).
Monitoring by headphones: often lisp children are not aware that they have pronounced wrong, therefore need to practice for children to distinguish what is the correct sound.

Use complementary sounds: the fact that false pronunciation patterns are often very stable and unbreakable by simply presenting the child with the correct sound configuration.
So when practicing, children must pronounce sounds that they already know are correct and have similar sound structure positions with practice sounds. For example, when practicing to repair the wind sound, we use the auxiliary sound "t", in the sound file "r" to use the auxiliary sound "d" ...

Young Lisp - Cure The Sooner The Better

The auxiliary sound is gradually changed to practice tone.
Use minimal impact, including saving movement and energy while constructing sounds. It is necessary at the beginning of practicing a new sound to pronounce softly, softly, without the effort so that the sound is not unusual when speaking and is quickly merged with other sounds.
In the first stage of practice, parents should sit with their children when the instructor can practice properly when the child is at home. Throat is a curable disease, so it must be detected early to guide children to overcome it promptly, to avoid disadvantages for children before going to school..

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