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Altos Labs, a company specializing in reversing the method of reversing aging, promises to help people look younger than age: 00/7: 00 male domain 10/2020, a group of houses Science came to the villa in Los Altos Hills of Yuri Milner - Russian Israeli billionaire, to participate in discussing the theme of cell-re-programming technology. This meeting is the premise for the establishment of Altos Labs, a promising company specializing in researching anti-aging methods. Some people close to Altos, the company currently has many reputable investors Pour capital, including the richest billionaire in the world Jeff Bezos. Amazon's boss is famous as a very adventurous investment, especially in the field of biotechnology. With the great potential, Altos is definitely not outside the green eye of this billionaire

. This new company is building a series of research institutes and recruiting a large number of leading scientists and huge remuneration . Altos is supposed to promise scientists that they can freely study the technology reversing the aging process without worrying about anything. Currently, Altos is pursuing technology Biological reprogramming, a method is considered to be able to rejuvenate cells studied in the laboratory
Further, some scientists also expect that this technology can be expanded to revive the entire animal body, and finally help prolong the life of the world. Many are quite similar to Calico Labs, a long-time company Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, established in 2013. Calico and Altos have a common point to hire elite scientists and level them Honaged budget to serve research work. After more than 7 years of establishment, Calico has published the first documents on some of the company's research projects this year. The most turned out of the scientists who are said to have joined Altos. Carlos Izpis Belmonte, a Spanish biologist working at Salk Biological Research Institute, California. Mr. Juan used to get attention in the scientific world when announced the combination of human embryos and monkeys, with the aim of exploring new molecules. Juan Carlos Izpih Belmonte biology has caused great attention Thanks to a special research project. Photo: Central Infomative
Ansa, Altos Company also has the participation of Professor Steve Horvath from the University of California, who has successfully developed the "biological clock" method with the ability to measure accurately Humanization. Not only that, the president of the current Scientific Advisory Council of Altos is Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, who has received the Nobel Prize in 2012 for detecting reciprocal cells. The turning point of Yamanaka is to add 4 proteins - It is also known as Yamanaka element, which helps cells can return to the original state with the characteristics of the original embryonic cells. By 2016, Izpih Belmonte Laboratory applied Yamanaka elements to all mice living, gaining a negotiation sign and leading to the introduction of a new term named "the medicinal herb Living ". Although there are many barriers to overcome, this research has a great potential of Shinya Yamanakatuy, this experiment on mice has caused many concerns in the research world. Besides the mice owning younger cells, some other children are developing malignant tumors. "Although there are many barriers to overcome, this research has great potential," Yamanaka paid MIT TECHNOLOGY Review's email. Too soon for cell re-programming technology? Some researchers ask questions whether re-programmed cells must be real technology worth investing. Alejandro Ocampo, who has worked in IzpiS Belmonte's laboratory at the Salk Institute, and is currently a professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, is skeptical about the feasibility of this technology. OCAMPO monks said technology Re-programmed cells are hovering. Photo: Unil. "I think this concept is very attractive, but it is hovering. Hidden cell re-programming technology is full of risks and has long been applied to people, "Professor Ocampo said. In addition, he said this technology is too dangerous when it can change the characteristics of cells. Other, undeniable that this technology is very interesting to apply to individual cells. "You can take a cell from an 80-year-old person into the test tube, and reverse it into 40 years old. No other technology does the same thing, "Professor Ocampo added. Moreover, cell reprogramming is also recognized as a natural phenomenon when the fertilization egg process is transformed into embryos , And develop into a new entity. Somehow, parents' DNA was renewed and recreated again. After a billion years of natural development, OCAMPO said that cell reprogramming is one of the safest processes when it happens

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