Hanoi: Song Da 7 Concrete Car Is Ineffective

Many days, people in Tay Nam Linh Dam urban areas (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) live in low scenes, anxiously when every day, they have to work with a troupe with Song Da 7 concrete brands. Now prohibitions, banned streets, stopping against hindering traffic, potential risk of traffic accidents 9: 00/2: 57nam Northern Village Tank Branded Song Da 7 not only running wrongly but also occupied 1/3 of the road for construction of the project in Bui Quoc.Theo decision No. 24/2020 of Hanoi People's Committee, roads under Tay Nam Linh urban areas forbid the trucks operating all day and night, with In case of licensing of Hanoi Department of Transport, it is also only operated from 9:00 pm until 6 am the next morning, but many days, at the time of day, Bui Quoc Street (also called Lane 15 By the old paralysis), the rash of concrete trucks operate, discharging construction materials into the road. 7 hours New to 21h- The time with a new license truck is run into the penalty street, but this street has taken up the truck

. Recognized on Bui Quoc Street on the above time, the vehicle operates mainly that the truck is produced by China by China, the vehicle has a load from 10 to 15 tons. It is notable, these vehicles also have Horizontal stop contrary to the opposite of hindging traffic. These cars are mainly on the top of the vehicle with the Logo of Song Da concrete
In the process of construction of the project, this unit is still on a barrier to occupy 1 / 3 roads for vehicle mixing concrete operate. This has made many vehicles on Bui Quoc Street conceptually in the direction of Linh Dam to encroach on the opposite road, causing conflict, danger to traffic participants. "Along with stopping in the opposite direction, occupied Illegal lines, concrete unions of Da Song 7 also carefree to discharge fresh concrete to the road surface, slippery slippery for traffic participants ", Ms. Hoa, a country owner in Bui Quoc Street, KDT Southwest Linh Dam reflects. The car has a logo with this identification logo violates the regulations of Hanoi city, including: Prohibiting vehicle vehicles operating on urban roads during the day; Violation of stop errors in the afternoon ..., PV Magazine Journal reported the incident for the leaders of the CSGT-TT team, Hoang Mai District Police, Hoang Mai TTGT team and Hoang Liet Ward Police. After that, all three units coordinate interdisciplinary in the field, conduct a license examination and papers involved in the above. Fresh tones scattered in the road surface damage to the infrastructure Thong, environmental pollution
At the scene, working with the interdisciplinary nest of Hoang Mai district, all 3 drivers of Song Da 7 concrete brand are not presented licensed on the daily roads. With the barrier on the road, the construction unit representative said, without a license, then added that: Only barraged to serve construction for a while, this is also to ensure delivery Pine, avoid accidents for vehicles on the road. Reply to the direction of handling before the incident, Mr. Ngo Quoc Cuong - Captain of Hoang Mai TTGT Team (Hanoi Department of Transport) said, after receiving communication News of Transport Journal, interdisciplinary team made a record of handling 3 concrete mixing trucks with Da 7 river brand, violating errors in the right time regulations. The police branch, traffic inspector Hoang Mai district Coordinate to inspect and handle violating vehicles with Song Da 7 concrete brand after PV Magazine Transport provides information. Also according to Mr. Cuong, with violations of "Running in the wrong time prescribed", Driving will be fined VND 1.5 million, in addition to applying additional GPLX 2-month handling processing according to regulations. "Large trucks, concrete tank trucks run at the right time H into the inner city not only causes the traffic, but also the potential risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, the working groups of the Hoang Mai TTGT team are strengthening this violation of violations, "Mr. Ngo Quoc Cuong said. Also according to the representative of the Traffic Police Department Order, Hoang Mai District Police, difficult to hear Ly the cars entering the forbidden road is that the driver usually doesn't show up the GPLX, the car paper, but the door to sit in the car cabin to find "Savior" ... However, working groups are always resolutely handled Strictly violating this violation to prevent congestion and traffic accidents on internal roads.Le Minh

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