The Flight Attendant Is Not Haired To The ‘cottage’, Speaking Straight On The Face Of A Sentence That Makes Everyone Too Much

A jealousy occurs in a tunnel sent to a commercial center in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province causes a stir of Chinese netizens.0: 00/1: 56 Northern Northern Northern images are recorded in The clip, the wife dressed in black driving a white BMW car caught her husband and went to another woman, so blocking the car asked him and "Xiao Tam" to talk. The head, wife and brother Husband said privately, but the attitude of the two sides losing control. The wife accused her husband adultery, didn't care about his wife and children. Not only did not regret and embarrassed, his husband was extremely angry because he was destroyed with lovers

. The wife discovered her husband with a trust in the tunnel to send a car. Tam ", attacking her husband's lover. At this point, the husband jumped into the can stop the scuffle
"Missed, really not me," the woman was tied to explain. Too painful and severe steering, the wife shouted a sentence that had to be too much: "I gave birth to me 2 children and almost died on the operating table, did you treat me like this?". Yet the husband still regretted, and responded again: "I no longer love you. Our personality is not harmonious." Wonde wife continues to say: "Non-harmonious personality can trick Is she still a woman who married her husband. If you want to find others, you can divorce me, but the deceit of marriage is wrong. "This is still trying to protect His mistress to not be jealous by his wife, then threatened the opposite of his wife: "She will not get a penny if divorced". The flight attendants are choking when I discovered the adultery husband.Theo Ettoday, This husband is a lawyer, adultery with the woman who is a level 3 with him. She also married her husband and his own family
The wife is a beautiful flight attendant, married 6 years ago and giving her husband 2 children. Some time ago, the wife realized that abnormal signs in her husband should be determined to follow, thereby caught him adultery. This is currently attracting the attention of the Chinese network community. And his husband in this jealousy had to get a basket of stone tiles from netizens.

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