Clouds On The Rotary Hidden Star Contain Alien Life

Jupiter has long been known that the planet cannot maintain life, but scientists have discovered that the clouds of this planet may be a suitable place for people to reside. Recently announced in Nature Astronomy magazine of international scientists, clouds near Jupiter can maintain life. After measuring the operation of the water in the atmosphere of Jupiter, the researchers said the clouds near Jupiter have "suitable combination of temperature and water operations" to support the same life as the earth. However, do not rush to hypothesize that Jupiter has or already life. Scientists noted that, it would be necessary to study deeper to understand whether the microorganism life could exist in clouds near this gas planet

. Before that, the scientific gland also discovered the faces Moon of Jupiter is given huge amount of water, a condition for life. NASA's Jet Push Laboratory has identified a strange phenomenon that occurred between the 4 giant moon Galilean Galilean of Jupiter: Europa, Ganymede, IO and Callisto that is the attractive interaction process between 4 faces Moon, heating tide. Previously, it was believed that the moon only interacted the tide with their mother planet, like the Earth and the Moon of the Earth interactive
The tidal tide was affected by the mother planet and the faces The remaining moon in 4 Moon Moon will make them warmer than thinking with previous.4 moon and Sao Moc herself is outside the "region of life" of the solar system. With a long distance, the heat from the sun will not be enough to nurture the life. But with the new impact detected, their underground oceans will be warm enough through the stimulation of the frequency tide waves The high number. The moon IO is the only celestial body in the group of 4 moon Galilean hard to have the opportunity to live in the present. Named "volcanic moon" with excessive geological activity, its "underground ocean" can only be magma - melting stone. However, according to Dr. Antony Trinh from the moon laboratory And the planet of Arizona University, co-author, the primary Earth is undergoing "hell" activities with volcanic activity spreading like IO. So, it doesn't say anything. Besides, there have been some projects that show Europa, Ganymede and Calisto can support life
The most prominent is Europa, which has been for NASA such as a "other Earth", when it comes to the system of rivers, lakes and mountains ... y the same earth on this celestial body. Follow the ambitions to explore the space of China, the largest planet in the solar system, in 2029. You see the video: NASA astronauts dropping the mirror outside the universe. Source: VTV, content (t.h)

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