Cannes Film Festival 2021: Less The Heat And Attendees Must Have A Vaccination Certificate

Cannes Film Film Film Festival 2021 - One of the most prestigious and prestigious cinematographic events will take place today 6.7.0: 00/3: 16 Navigen of the influence of Covid-19 Pandemic, Cannes 2021 Film Festival In May as every time was pushed back on 67 - 17.7. This is a hoped event to help the cinema industry recover after greation

. To ensure room safety, the organizers and local authorities have adopted strict translation measures. As a rule, the audience to join the Files must have a certificate of vaccination, who do not have a negative test certificate within 48 hours of new cannes 2021 without no boiling air As every year - Photo: Reuters The Cannes Film Festival will show the latest part of the Fast blockbuster series

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