Problem ’11 – 4 = 7 ‘is Wrongly Bricks That Make Parents Be Confused, Until I Heard The Explanation

The parent does not have no wonder and thinks that the teacher has spotted wrongly when the slash of the answer '11 - 4 = 7 'that his child knows in the file.0: 00/1: 58 Northern Northern with the goal is the development Quick thinking, flexibility for young children, the last few years, mathematics not merely revolves around basic calculations but also interfering with a tricky question. Sometimes these problems seem to be simple but make many students make mistakes, even the parents are also worse. Newly here, a parent shared on social networks about their children Get high scores in the exam due to wrong problems. Notably, my teachers also said that among more than 40 students, only 1 I got the absolute point in this test

.Theo, the post asked questions: "In class 11 lights , and 4 lights are turned off, how many lights are in the layer? ". The child wrote the answer was:" 11 - 4 = 7 (lights) ", however, it was crossed by the coal parent. Pasting, despite a bachelor's but cannot think of another answer to this problem
Even many other parents also feel extremely difficult to understand. When the teacher gives the answer, all new startled "falling": "You look carefully. This sentence asks how many lights and not how many lights are in bright, so the answer is very 11. Simple. This is a good student exam and the main question is to check the child's ability to think and adaptability ". This question, parents also nodded to accept the teacher's explanation. However , some others also argue that this article is not strict enough because this is a arithmetic question. If indicating that this is the thinking app, the child will be more flexible and not as easy to make mistakes. Previously, the similar thinking problems had made a parent "calling sky" on social networks. This caused controversy: these questions will make children smart, more sensitive, but reverse Again, it can also make the children lose confidence when constantly misplaced in the new forms of Maths

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