Emotional Attention To Mr. Park With Gourd Germany: I Kept Thinking About Vietnam At The Same Time For 1 Year

Last year, Mr. Park had a very moving confidant to vote for vote to Vietnam to take the Military Military 9: 00/2: 09nam northern Vietnam, gourd, gourd and gourd and gourd to launch the cafe boss 100 in Ho Chi Minh City, Coach Park Hang Seo attended in early July 2020.Then, Park was very busy but still flew into Ho Chi Minh City to meet the pregnancies with deep emotional. Voting Germany told Mr. Park: "Hopefully he will be in Vietnam longer"

.Hlv Park Hang Seo said touching: "I don't know, at first British (Germany - PV), I thought It was very a year, but I didn't expect to be 3 years now. "Germany hopes Coach Park Hang Seo can stick 5-8 years with Vietnamese football. Extra: "I don't know, because I'm older
I will try to do my best to do you (elect Germany - PV) disappointed." The mind between Park and Germany has a problem Witnessing the other famous pregnancies is to vote Thang, Hai Hai, with many Vietnamese players. In a meeting in Germany in Ho Chi Minh City, Coach Park Hang Se said things that are touched with the HAGL club boss. Story The above makes many people very touched about the beautiful love of vote Germany and Coach Park Hang Seo - two heroes of Vietnamese football. One person is full of football, so there are 3 times to Korea to find good people for the national team. A person who seemed to updown but felt the sincerity of the German election, through it for the first time to go abroad and created a series of success and Vietnamese football. Correct this story during the contract Coach Park Hang Seo and VFF are only more than 6 months, all to see that Mr. Park has a deep grace with Vietnamese football. Mr. Park also desperately devoted himself because of the love of Vietnamese fans, including deep emotional rope with vote for Germany - who had graceful to Mr
Park to Vietnam and removed the money paid bag The first 2 years. In 4 years in Vietnam, Coach Park Hang Seo has publicly said thank you to Duc Duc. Mr. Park said Thank you Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc on the extension of the contract with VFF in November 2019. "I remembered this moment two years ago. The first time I met Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc. He was the one who connected the charm for me, having a huge love football and enthusiasm. I always thanked him, "Coach Park Hang Seo said thing about gourd in Germany. With what contributions for nearly 4 years, Coach Park Hang Seo has become the most successful member of Vietnamese football history Male. And no unexpectedly happened, Mr. Park Hang Seo will continue to extend the contract with VFF.

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