Ho Chi Minh City: Investigating 44 Cases Of Covid-19 Unknown Source

In the 230 cases of Covid-19 newly announced in Ho Chi Minh City, 44 unknown sources of spreads, are being epidemic investigation of Epidemia.0: 00/2: 02 Northern Northern 6-7, Center for Disease Control Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC) said the TP recorded 230 cases of new Covid-19. Covid-19 vaccine at school in HCMC (Photo: Hoang Trieu) from 18 hours on 5-7 to 6 Now on July 6, the City recorded 230 cases of new infections announced by the Ministry of Health (BN21083-BN21312). In the 4th epidemic starting from April 27 to now, the TP has recorded more than 6,900 cases of Covid-19. In 230 cases of newly published infections include 186 cases of traced exposure, Being isolated or in the blockade area, 44 cases are investigating epidemiology

. TP is completing the detailed record of these cases. Currently, the rapid test capacity of the Ho Chi Minh City can reach 150,000 - 200,000 samples / day, the health sector shows how clearly determines the case, Which area uses quick tests, PCR components or PCR forms to achieve high efficiency in hidden F0 search in the community. At the same time, coordinating with the Information and Communications industry to implement the issuance of QR code to the subjects that have the test results, contributing to the process of people in order / into the city or to locations , area in HCDC City, the trend of the number of cases in the community increases every day, especially symptoms of medical examinations at medical facilities, showing that the pathogens have been available throughout the city and The number of cases in the blockade area is also increasing rapidly
To control the epidemic, people need to comply with the Directive 10 of the City People's Committee, recommend 5k of the Ministry of Health and regulations in the region Blockade. There is a selection of information when accessing, avoiding sharing false information, affecting the work prevention and control of the city as well as the psychology of people. Nguyen Thanh

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