Binh Duong: Criminal Detention Object Stabbing People When Reminded Of A Translation Room

On July 6, the CSDT Department of Public Security Town Tan Uyen (Binh Duong) said he was temporarily holding the object of Nguyen Ngoc Hoan (SN 1985, Ninh Thuan province) to investigate and clarify intentional acts Inquiry.0: 00/1: 09 Northern Northern objects Festival - Photos provided by the police by the police, a few days ago, annoyed because of Mr. Nguyen Trong Tuan (SN 1991, Nghe An). About not implementing social distance in the area. Then, when you are gathering people in your motel room, you're going through and reminding it should not concentrate the crowds in the execution phase Society to prevent and prevent Covid-19 Disease in the inn in the area

. For that he complies with no authority reminding himself to argue with the lack of cultural words. Come to 20 hours on July 3, 2021 , Festival to drink beer alone at the inn, see him to follow before his room and recall the previous conflict. Therefore, taking the scissors and went to the British motel room, then crashed into the victim's chest
Many nearby people have taken him to the Hospital General in Binh Duong province. Particularly, the object is completed, after the project has arrived at the police officer.

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