A Corner Of A Shaping Shape But Two Fates: Jisoo Promoted To Unexpectedly After 5 Years

To know how Jisoo changes how spectacularly, just looking at the photo debut making Idol and Photo Debut as her actor both Blackpink is to know for a few days, the profile picture of the actor Jisoo is still being netizen discussed. This is the first series of Jisoo as an actor and not Idol to play the movie also has such an excellent portrait of Naeun (Apink) who has been taken as a sleepy netizen, no Actor gases despite shooting the right style of the actor profile. Idol gender get used to a bold makeup, Aegyo expressing lovely shaking, taking photos with the props is very difficult to radiate progress when there is a simple shape and the frame only focuses on the face. That's Jisoo Excellent actress execution, especially the gaze that was praised very soulful, facing face management was very good even though her first role still didn't release the audience. Jisoo fans discovered the point Interesting coincidence in the Idol Idol photo and Jisoo's actor debut

. By 5 years ago, the series introduced the new group Jisoo rookie blackpink also to Jisoo wearing white jeans, dropping hair and gentle makeup. A gentle shooting corner in which Jisoo looked straight into the lens but two The picture provides a completely different feeling. Photo Debut Idol is a female "rookie" gentle feminine, youthful but a bit timid
Ask the actor debut, Jisoo has been much more confident with a calm face, the gaze and face is much more beautiful than 5 years ago.

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