A Dress 2 Fate: Pham Bang Bang Dang Queen, Guests Cannes Are As Fragrant As ‘rags’

Once again, we have to marry when admiring the rare peak of the Peak of Pham Bang Bang Bangzhua.0: 00/1: 48 South Vietnam, the showbiz in the showbiz is not shortous but what or where each person is There is a separate way to prove the prostitute, your own attraction. And in the recent clash between Fan Bingbing and the guests of the Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival - Iris Berben actress, we must once again survive before the attraction of Pham Gia. , actress Iris Berben actressing the dress in the 2021 winter co-winter collection of Oscar de la Renta. However, the actress's style has not really fame, even there is a sloppy sloppy with a long dress , the fragrant fabric has just been taken away from the cupboard

. Design the sloppy dress, Iris Berben also chooses a simple hairstyle, a pale makeup lacks the highlight. Not difficult to recognize this design before It was also selected by Bingbing as a different impression. Without the title of the Red Carpeted Queen, Pham Bang Bang has turned this "rag" dress to become a design that makes everyone to marry
First must refer to the sophistication of Pham Gia's shaping. Because the skirt has a pretty design, it is wide, so Pham Bingbing has chosen high tufts, wearing a turban towel to help overall a more neat. In addition, the top earrings and makeups focus on the color Red lipstick helps her image more and more and more and more. She brought an impressively modern medium, not losing the beauty of the original design and still exchanging the index of herself. Even, also thanks to this dress that Pham Bingbing also entered the name The most beautiful beauty book in that week was voted by Vogue My magazine. So found it, only the brand is not enough. The genuine exquisite of the form and the new femine is what helps to make the bingbing scoring and shine at every red carpet event that she appears. Legal and readers

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