A Female Supermodel Vbiz Was Abused By Her Husband As Medieval, Also Cutting Hair, Putting In Into The Toilet?

Female supermodel information was savagely violent by her husband that made the audience unexpectedly, mercy.0: 00/1: 44 nam nam nam new, the whole entertainment village shocked before female supermodel information - award Gold supermodel Vietnam 2015 and win at 2018 international supermodel suffered a very brutally violent husband. SUPPORTING THE PEOPLE'S POSSIBILITY On the evening of November 30, I first revealed that she was hidden a long time, at the same time publicly the series recorded the injuries that herself suffered throughout the last time. On the personal page, supermodel wrote: "This is the reason I lost everything People. I have since voted until the 3rd month and until I was like this

. I am recovering. I am here, I am my children also thank you, Mr. Lai and a number of people who have helped My mother let me get a good diving
" Weld H. This person said that both held a ceremony to ask but still did not have a formal wedding. Your postman's postman's friend's friend also revealed that she was detained in the house, beating the phone, smashing the phone, Getting all social network accounts is no different from being isolated with the world. Pictures of Shared Shared Make Concentration "Everyone will say I'm stupid right? But in case of being Detention in the house beating continuously for a year, cutting both hair, putting the inlet in the toilet, 2 pm mid-winter Hanoi caught naked in the bathroom flushed cold water into the body, smashing the head just because of arguments. The spirit is still calm and smart as we can not ", the close friend of the sharing. The image of the house in the granted hospital is only only one-way sharing from the close friend Page, Female Supermodel still has no additional moves in addition to hiding the post on the Personal page. Wharstar is contacting the several supermodel side to find hi Over additional information.

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