A Giant Asteroid Is Approaching The Earth

If the collision with asteroids occurs, the effect of creating can be stronger than a nuclear bomb. The giant space rocks continue to threaten our planets and this month will be a one Big asteroids called 2018 Ah. This planet is in size with the Washington Monument and its path will go through the most important Earth in December, according to NASA asteroid monitoring system . If crashing into the earth, NASA predicts that it can cause much more devastating power than an atomic bomb. Fortunately, asteroids are not able to hit the earth when it passes, because the current path will make it fly through 4

.5 million km. It is more than 12 times the distance between the earth and the moon. A collision with a large asteroid can kill millions of people whether 4
5 million km is not a distance too close, but ah 2018 is not A stranger. It has MEN'S MEN'S MORE MORE in the past. In 2018, its path has brought this asteroids how we are only 296,758 km away. It is a shorter distance between the earth and the moon. However, the worst part is the difficulty of being identified by asteroids, making scientists almost unable to see it is rushing. And until about 2028, a asteroid called 153814, or 2001 WN5, will reach the Earth at a distance of 249,000 km. This number is even closer than the distance that 2018 ah has done almost four years ago. In the next few weeks, another high asteroid with Eiffel Tower is expected to pass through the Earth, but it also "hit" far enough to not cause any damage. However, if a crop Touching asteroids occurs, it is likely to kill millions of people. Usually, it is difficult to guess the damage of the collision with a asteroid
That number can change a lot based on the size and where it impacts. In the past, a asteroid size was equal to 2018 ah that attacked us and the results were very cruel. In 1908, a asteroid with an equal size of 2018 Ah has bumped into the Earth, on the river above the river Tunguska Podkamennaya in Russia. Many people believe that this asteroid is nearly equal to 2018 ah, may even be smaller. However, at the time of collision, it created a 12 megaton explosion. The effect of the explosion was felt and seen in the range of thousands of kilometers. To refer, the atomic bomb was exploded in Hiroshima in World War 2 was about 15 kiloton, while the atomic bomb was played Bang in Nagasaki is a 20 kiloton atomic bomb. And 1 megaton is 1,000 kiloton. Fortunately, the number of people died due to the impact of the collision in 1908, is now called Tunguska events, very low. In fact, it is so low that only three people are said to have died due to collision. However, the damage is still noticed on a large scale. More than 80 million trees have been flattened and can feel the wind around 27 km around this area. It is known that the collision has caused shocks and winds shock in remote places like Indonesia and both Washington. It is also a collision with the largest asteroid recorded in history. And with a width of about 190 meters, ah 2018 if the collision will leave a much greater level of damage. Thankfully, that's not what we have to worry about. In addition, NASA is also studying anti-planetary measures, not such as the Dart system, using a spacecraft stabbing straight into asteroids to deflect them.

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