A Girl Swallowed The Airpods, Headphones In The Stomach Still Worked And Connected To The Iphone

Due to the confusion of themselves, a girl swallowed an airpods headset into her abdomen. More surprisingly, after lying in her stomach, this headset still works and connects to iPhone.0: 00/1: 17 nam nuoiNam here, Tiktok account @iamcarliiib has shared about the wrong Mixed in Ibuprofen pain relieved fever with ..

. an Apple Airpods headset. When she was about to take medicine, she was holding everything on her hand and giving mistaking Airpods to her stomach. Although trying to hook throat to get it out but absolutely impossible
(Photo cut from the clip Tiktok @iamcarliiib) worth mentioning, after being drifted into this girl's stomach, Apple's wireless headset still works and Normal connection with iPhone. Even this Tiktoker also recorded his voice when making a call to prove to everyone what she said was true. And yes, headphones emitted the same sounds of the stomach. After that, Carli went for X-rays and decided to not use this Airpods anymore. However, this is also a lesson for those who are using airpods wireless headsets, need more attention to not encounter similar situation. This is not the first time Airpods are mistakenly put into the abdomen. In February, a man in Massachusetts swallowed a headset's side while sleeping. In 2020, a 7-year-old boy in Georgia had to go to the emergency room after eating a headset.

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