A Guy Dug Is A Very Precious 400 Year Old Gold Ring, But It Is Absolutely No Museum Dare To Show

The gold ring was valued over £ 10,000, but no museum dared to show off. Why? Ben Bishop, a man over 30 years old in Bridgwater, United Kingdom often has a treasure hunting hobby. According to Ben Bishop's words, the gold ring was found when he was using a metal detector on rice field. This is also his main job, finding and eliminating metal garbage to ensure that the fields meet the soil standards. The rings are found by metal detectors

. (Photo: KKNews) Initially he thought it was only the pieces of Coca cans or some iron, so he dug it to throw away, this time he found a gold ring. Ben Bishop is very excited, he decides to clean the ring and find a museum to ask for inspection. The museum of the museum determines this gold ring is a decree dish dating from 400 years ago
It is a queen essential jewelry elizabeth.Che rings weighs 17 grams, crafted from pure gold with very sophisticated handicraft. Its valuation professionals value up to £ 10,000. However, Ben Bishop asked to hand over the museum to the museum, they refused. The scene of the ring dated 400 years ago. (Photo: kknews) Although he went to ask the museums, the answer was still not, this made Ben Bishop feel extremely confused. Cash is, the reason is in the UK, the law states that the relics Culture is excavated by individuals, it will belong to that person, whether the state or museum wants to collect, can only acquire. However, the value of this gold ring is quite high so it is not enough museum enough to buy again. The rings are valued up to £ 10,000. (Photo: kknews) Because of that, Ben Bishop posted a gold ring online to find someone who wants to buy back
But the fields that Ben Bishop found the rings are owned by others, so he and the owner negotiated that after selling the ring, he would split the amount of money. According to Nguyet Pham / Fatherland newspaper

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