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Writing according to the requirements of some of the readers0: 00/13: 26 nam southern domains are having a storm around Kieu stories in the literary lovers on Facebook. That story is also normal. In his existence, Kieu stories have not only been dissected by literary critics but then despite all, Kieu stories still live strongly in the people of the nation. That is enough to demonstrate the excellent values of Nguyen Du's genius and genius. If such as eliminating political causes, people dissect, review the value of Kieu's story A question caused us to seriously answer it: Why is a great poetry of poetry like that, why are still someone who claims to review? Those who demand to overthrow Kieu's story do not have a reason surname

. They have a very good reason that they consider Kieu stories a story. If you consider overseas below the perspective as a novel written in poetry, the story of Kieu is not worth talking about. The plot is borrowed, the story circumstances are simple, the dramatic conflicts are nothing to say about a novel again! In the opposite direction, Vietnamese stories are considered the elite The story of Kieu is in poetry, not in the plot
When reading Kieu, they didn't think about the plot that people just enjoyed the emotional verses that expressed a human mood. Come here, I went out a question again. There are two different groups of different people when commenting on Kieu? Why is the group of people who consider Kieu a story Can't see Kieu is poetry? And this is the answer. We must acknowledge with each other in fact: not everyone can feel the or of a verse. There are many people, for them two verses "night across the house" and the sentence "Why do you scoop the golden moonlight" is the same! Even "rhyme". That's all! For such people, of course they will not like poetry and, are inevitable, they will not read Kieu. They know Kieu through someone's story of the story so they considered Kieu a streaming nothing to be surprising. Of course, so with them, the story of Kieu has nothing to say. But the number of people who are unable to feel poetry are very much, not little. There are many people who do not read a verse and many people who know Kieu stories only because the universal program catches them
In the opposite direction, people are likely to (I only talk about the ability Not mentioned by gifted, because the higher poetry giftedness is probably only for literary critics) is different. With them, when a verse reads, they appear vibrations that sometimes they don't understand because SaoMay for Kieu and May for us is our country is a poetry (seriously said Do not have to say ridiculously) so people who are more likely to feel poem than those who are not able to feel therefore, so Kieu's story overcome the challenge of time that exists until now Now. With these people, Kieu is poetry, not a story. There is a sentence like this "If the novel compression will have a short story. If the short story is compressed, we will have poetry "that means: poetry to describe the compression of human emotions rather than to tell a process. The duty of the prose. Which describes human emotional steps, I think anyone can not overcome Kieu. In Kieu stories, all emotional steps, every human affectionate states are mentioned by Nguyen Du to be delicately filled with expression. First time talk about love, an indispensable affection, strong Powerful full of human emotion. Kieu loved all three times and three times were very different. Also thought: The first love is beautiful, poetic and strongest but I think they are wrong. Maybe beautiful, can be poetic but most powerful! Do not believe they re-read Kieu. With Kieu, the last love with the word is the most powerful and strong love. When I read the verse of tattooing and turning the garden late at night alone, we rushed that Kieu had to be very brave, this love had to be very intense, Kieu dared to walk through the "men and women" like that. . Please read the story of the stone name. The word is still in the middle of the sky. I pay attention to the two words "crew". Who can stand crying in the middle of the flying name? Between a rain name, the image of a woman standing on his husband, causing us of emotions? But listen to our husband and mourth to see the love and salty, medium iron, and intense of Kieu for from Hai. Hóc that Tri Dung has a leftover. I heard this opportunity. Understand how about the two words "Opportunity" that Nguyen Du used here? We can only understand that "guy! He insulted Dung but only for listening to the cards that this bastard had a "chance" to kill him. A cry? That's right ! But more than that is a sound curse straight into the flood face

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