A Nearly 70-year-old Party Members Are Drunk, Compiled Materials To The Party, Uncle Ho

Party member Pham Ngoc Xuong (born in 1933) in Quyet Tien village, Xã Xương Lâm, Lang Giang District (Bac Giang) was known by many people because he was not only a bright example of studying and following Uncle The elderly party members kept a lot of precious materials because he was collected by himself, studied, compiled with the desire to help officers, party members, people better understand the party, about Uncle Ho's love : 00/8: 58 South "with reverence, proud, grateful to Uncle Ho and love. Although the age was high, health decreased, but still Minh Man, intellectual and enthusiastic, I was collected, reading many books, documents, editing, thoroughly filtering sentences from ... This is a precious material , helping to read better understanding of ideology, morality, style of Ho Chi Minh, studying and following Uncle Ho, contributing to building the Party, building a homeland, country "

. These are touching lines and are also the idea of Pham Ngoc Xuong party members in the opening of the document of "ideology, morality, Ho Chi Minh style" that he has just completed in May 5/2021, On the occasion of the 131th anniversary of his birth, he wanted to document more than 4,000 words contained full of essays, emotionally written by the author, clean, briefly, concisely. I thought, ethics, and style of Uncle Ho's system is easy to understand, easy to remember through your teachings, employment, through a simple live example and a vast love of people .
. flip every material page, I see Ho Chi Minh's image shows up close, dear with the noble qualities of a revolutionary person: Need, Save, Integrity, main, carefree lice; With a humble, simple style, near people, people, people, people ... Since then, each of us is adding to the lesson, better understanding about Uncle Khuyen to have more motivation and follow Uncle every day. "The document is spent a lot of time, the mind of studying, compiling, expressing condensed, deep thoughts, morality and president of President Ho Chi Minh. This is really Precious documents for each officer, party members and people ... "Mr
Do Duc Ha - Head of Bac Giang Provincial Party Committee for Propaganda said. In order to acquire these materials, Mr. Xuong had to be thick research, Documentation and generalization of practice during 40 years of work. In addition, he read and recorded from many reference sources such as the Independence Declaration (1945); Call for nationwide resistance (1946,1966); Need, savings, integrity, main (1949); Revolutionary morality (1956); Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Party (1960); Uncle Ho's will (1965); Diagru of the Party Central Committee (1969); President Ho Chi Minh's example; Ho Chi Minh Collection (1980); Lake President's teachings; Articles written about Uncle and many other sources of materials. When asked: "What has urged him to edit and launch this quarterly material"? Mr. Pham Ngoc Xa shared: I talk about learning and following you so much, but most people do not understand what Ho Chi Minh's ideology is, what is Ho Chi Minh's morality, Ho Chi Minh style is what? Don't understand well? Starting from the concerns it, I cherished the idea of researching, gathering, refining, re-thought, morality, and style of your style in a briefly, easy to understand with the desire to make documents for each Officer, party members and people, to study and follow Uncle is spread strongly in society ... Party Committee Pham Ngoc Xuong party with precious documents by him, collectibles, compiled through, from China Ringing to the establishment has held a preliminary review of 05 years of implementing Directive 05-CT / TW. The Politburo issued conclusions No. 01-KL / TW on continuing to implement the Directive No. 05 "about promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style". All levels, sectors are actively developing the implementation plan to make conclusions with the purpose "... make learning, follow Uncle and the example of cadres and party members, especially the heads become needs Bridge itself, regularly, is the driving force, great strength to the whole Party, all people and the entire army promotes internal resources, overcome difficulties, challenges and successfully implementing resolutions of the Party Congress at all levels XIII Congress of the Party ". In that context, the affection of Party members Pham Ngoc Xuong with the Party, with Uncle Ho, the more respect. The material that he dedicated editor will certainly be valuable, necessary with each officer, party members and people, contributing to continuing to build and spread the beautiful flowers in learning and following Uncle at Bac Giang Provincial Party Committee in particular and the whole country in general. Liptical beliefs with the Party and Uncle Khuyen is known, before completing the document of "ideology, morality, Ho Chi Minh style", Mr. Pham Ngoc Xuong has released a number of other precious and typical documents such as documentation (1911-2015) on President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam (2015) with more than 200 pages; Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (2019) with more than 400 pages; Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ethics, ethics, style (2019) ... In these documents, the author shows an overview of the history of water construction and water retention of our people; Introducing the highlights of the body, s

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