A Tree

Dien to visit the coffee farm where she worked at eighteen years old. Back to the tree grass was also pleasant like a small fish dropped to the green river, as the bird wings were released to the sky on the day of Quang. Dien goes to find every commemorative tree canopy. The yellow phoenix tree still stood there with a small stream sparkling like a white silk strip on the ribs of the farm on the moon nights. Eighteen years old, away from the whole thousand kilometers, Dien once borrowed a lunch

. Emerged yellow flower or immersed but forgetting the real sadness at 9: 00/6: 01 nam Dien thien on every thought, then we all will only exist together with a sitting shape. The person sitting against the guards. The person sitting lifting his head on a mountain range, puffing her chest
There will also be people sitting alone. Dien, must be a shape to sit against the medium tree with a unevenity. Certainly, it will turn into a root to be tangerous to be tangerous and the sun is hugged by the earth. Under this gold phoenix tree, she remembers one person. Now that love has followed a small stream away. Only the feeling of foolish love, his heart vibrates without attempt. Think and fall asleep. The shade of the phoenix tree is enough to create a sleepy sleep. *** Vy came to sit on the foot of the tree. At noon, after eating each person gets a break
Vy often doesn't know what to do at that time. It is better to bury his head to the books and papers than to mind and think about it. How to compress the only hatred to rise like volcanoes in their hearts when he attempts to removing love with Vy.Dien wakes up, surprised to see Vy sitting. Vy looked at Dien, who happened to sit next to Vy on the train and before he left to leave a small candy. Vy still holds in his jacket pocket. Vy reached into his pocket and put it in front of a red green candy: - Do you want to eat candy? I just went to work at a coffee processing factory. And you? - I used to work here but were eight years ago. The pants stood up, looking up at the tree. In this place the leaf tree is so close. - Well, I miss it. - I remember - Vy laughed. Probably fateful. Also, every meeting in the world is fateful. To see with Vy, fate will bring any surprises. That night, in a small room for workers, Dien and Vy was adjacent to each other heard the fell in the cruise right side of the wall. Division of the days of university sliding exams according to aunt here to make coffee. The sessions night shifts down the cold wet shoulders in the nostalgia. The sunny days of burning skin, orange blood flowed in the bowl of rice with a smell of coffee .- Back then why did you come to this place? - I need money and also need another space to calm out the sadness Examination of the first year college .- Looks like you remember this place more than what she said? - Yes. She also has a clear love.Vy rubbed his head into his back. The two sisters lie in the thin blanket, falling asleep. Early blurred, when the two were still a good time, I saw some people talking on the ground. Vy rubbed her eyes out of the shack. As I don't believe in my eyes in front of the image of the man hugging the backpack standing out of the fog soon so I turned to go to Lay Dien. - sister. Is it right to sit with a train with my sisters that day? I look at the man and carefully. It was the one who accompanied the train. He lowered his head to stand on the porch waiting for men to rearrange the sleeping place, giving birth to a newcomer. Vy put his hand to help with the backpack but he was startled to hug. Vy laughed to look like he was too poisonous that he seemed to come here to be unique. What about Vy? Vy laughed, let's not ask, more sad. Do you think I'm stranded in this place too. Strands in Vy's shape, and the backpack contains the secret of the man named Phong. One time saw Vy just staring at the backpack, saying: - My child. Four-year-olds. If you can't warm you will be cold. - Where's your wife? - Vy asks.- She left it. He was once a guy who was alcohol. Vy is richer when working here but in mind still many housing. The thing of vy tried to bury deeply, but sometimes even emerging. When I was sitting at rice, suddenly let go of a corner of a crying corner. When chatting happily, suddenly suddenly blaming "the whole man". Even at face on his back, Vy also charcoal "Don't believe anyone". Dien turned to hug Vy, feeling like her old days. Vy small and weak and weak times every time I decided to end my life just for a man. Vy's heart is hurt, the pain still wakes up. For a moment of fun, it looked at the apple: - Or are we cooking together? Vy scowles: - Keep away from me. About a family. Nothing granted obsessed with his mistake to harm relatives. Style

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