A Very Different Moon Season

Coming soon, after dinner, I and my daughter walk around Hien Hoa aquarium near Dong Phat area, Thanh Hoa City. In the middle of the space, the moonlight shines, causing me to think about the moon seasons passing in life with the lights 'homemade'. Under the full moonlight, just sit next to the lovers are the happiest things. (Artwork) That day, I and your own bamboo to make your lights, carp. We also knew myself from the lamp made from cow's milk cans

. However, it feels very eager, both pushing the "homemade" lamp on the dike, 2 cans touching each other around, emitting very happy sounds. In the middle of the sea, the moon seems to be brighter, fresh and cool air. Mid-Autumn Festival with me is simply the Tet day of children until I work in an agency in Thanh Hoa City
Has been a rule, on this occasion, the agency will organize the Children's Tet for children who are children of officials, workers and employees. Get trust from you, I go first, we agree to compose the script and plan to hold the full moon festival night for you. I still remember like printing my eyes and the expectations of my children when I was done, I led to the agency to join the full moon festival night. In creating a shape of pebbles, Ms. Hang, Snow White, we accepted their curious and exciting eyes when the fairy characters from the story came out. In a throbbing music: " Mid-Autumn Festival picked up the lights, I picked up the lights across the street "... emanating from the star light flashing, the children followed the fascinating garden tree items. The children are involved
Game, receiving gifts and breaking the Mid-Autumn Festival ... Although not the one who welcomed, I still thanked where I work organized for children of great mugs, so my souls found the days Months are as gentle like a knife, round up like a warm moon. And the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the whole country is filled with auview before the pandemic with the appearance of "red regions", "gold region" It means that it has deprived the young poetry of the young children in the nights of the full moon festival, also made me miss appointments to play Hang Nga, Snow White ... as every year. But not so the adult N Tet Mid-Autumn Festival members of the family, children lose excited excitedly wait for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because of bringing children to the shops to buy cakes and walk the street to buy his lights, Mid-Autumn Festival ... Many moms Choose to buy things about making cakes and lights so that members have more entertainment activities at home. These cakes may not be qualified, the lights are not gorgeous, brilliant with the available goods ... but they have a special mid-autumn season when entitled to the full warm in their parents , ensured safety in epidemic.

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