A Whole Life

I board the nearest flight at 6 am to go to Saigon in a brilliant summer day. The sun dances on every leaf blade, stabbing straight down to the asphalt to a sorrowful wave. Sai Gon this season is very hot, the street is busy, making the air with a three-part gas with a suffocation: 00/10: 44 South (Photo source: Corps count) Flights more than two hours, I'm tired Returning and head, bee bees, it's no different from the sound of a blinding impeller who is filming with her ears. Picking a taxi, I rushed to the place that was instructed. The self-depression was silent, the teacher led me into a small room, a quiet quiet space only resounding in the sound of chanting with the stir-fried leaves charger

. My heart suddenly was stable to strange, no longer worried or stressed fear again. The room opened, a middle-aged woman sitting on a dark brown, she wore a pale nun's suit, head Hat, I went to my hair. I faded, knowing I was a step late
One of her hand gently knocked on, one hand in the seeds on the beans, the mouth of Male Amitabha Buddha. Master called her, she stopped, looking up at me. The face of the woman was in addition to sixty blessings and gentle words. She is beautiful. Nice in the way of people who have age. I looked at her, her eyes faded away, trying to stop touching, I want to cry, I said: "You, you are here. Hi everyone's house." She looked at me for a long time, seeming to try to find something used to belongs to the face of young people before the eyes. The corner of her eyes was wrinkled, and the gaze was far away, it was sad. I don't know how to describe it again
It's just looking at my eyes of my heart. "Daddy Ms. Chau?" She looked at me for a long time and asked again. Although there was no dear appearance in any year, I still didn't hesitate. That's my girl, who flows with my bloodstream. "Yes. That's right." She was silent for a long time, my eyes always looked far away, moving like passing through space, time to go to space Somewhere I didn't know, I looked at her, waiting for her to recall. She was poetic for a while, then looked at me, on a gentle face from smiles: "How big is you like this?" "Yes." I nodded, she told me to leave the tea table, Master Before the chest bowed us and gently, didn't forget to close the door. Wooden tea tables, with four small chairs, I sat down, pouring tea and invited her, a little heat from the cup of tea in the air of soft fragrance. "Healthy my family?" "Yes. Everyone is healthy Both. "I looked at her, the old appearance was no longer anymore, she now gently gentle like Bodhisattva." Have you been stronger? Ms. Ly the day before her heart disease recurred. "I Asked, instead of stress, I was worried, I was a feeling that I was afraid and admired. Saying how it doesn't run out. "You're okay. Do you come here to have an important thing?" She looked at me, speaking gently, her voice belonged to Saigon noise, not something Local language is like me anymore. "Yes. The remains of Uncle Long was transferred to his hometown, buried in the alone ..." "From Hanoi?" "Yes." Yes " One hour and quietly waited for me to continue. "People want her to go home for a trip ..." I said in a hesitant, just to pay attention to her expression. Both my eyes were worried, worried about no way to hide. I have a disease, it's a person who is older, we are not peaceful to let her alone place this place. "Who told me here?" She suddenly turned to ask me, in that clear white eyes like Understanding everything, she told me, the voice slowly went from wasting: "She was a foreigner, just wanting the rest of her life to the Buddha's door to the pure soul, nor long time it went home One trip, I was a health not allowed. "I plan to say that she could stay in her hometown, anyway everyone was still there, but I didn't open it, she continued:" The hair was shaved And the Hoang Duong Comb didn't use it, this life had no problem. I went to tell everyone like that, if remember to visit her, don't make her awkward. "" She.. But .. " "Heard the hour of working outside Hanoi, I grew up differently, she was a bit surprised." She interrupted my words, how many things I wanted to say choking in my neck. "Yes." I knew her Saying I grew up was no longer like a lot like a little while. "I'm so busy, don't you?" "No. Your work is normal. "" Want a little walk? She heard I really like the temple? "" Yes. "I nodded, wanted to say it again. My girl, who seemed to have no longer have a long time, she was a long time, she was a long-time , until the recently intends to go down to her hair, go to the pagoda. We want to prevent it, but not. Suffering for the hearts of her has turned to this place, I said nothing to change. She is a strong, strong woman with a common water. Then others make others painless. I remember the old story, I was still alive or counted, the cau and betting tree in my house still green, sky v

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