A Wind Dew Of Mother Ronaldo

On Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo did not forget to bring his mother to the field. Witness the CR7 scored in the first match, Maria Dolores Aveiro burst into tears. The woman was born in the world's best player who went through countless polarity in the past and she deserves happiness with her son when I go to the old age.0: 00/5: 47 Nam Mat Muong Loan with Loronaldo Can overcome all difficulties to move forward thanks to the mirror of family members. His mother, Maria Dolores Spinola was born on December 31, 1954 at Canical Fishing Port, one of the poorest areas of Madeira Island

. The people here yearn through the mesh fishing profession and in Dolores's memories, her childhood is a series of lives in the earthly hell. "My grandmother is how people open their moms?". Ronaldo must have asked that, and Mrs
Dolores himself could hardly give a complete answer. Dolores's memory of her mother was just dim debris, because she was at 5 years old. Among Ronaldo goodbye positively in the age of 37 because of a heart attack, leaving the family 5 children and a husband irresponsible. Ronaldo's warm dress. Ronaldo, Viveiro almost no income stability. Instead of trying to raise all 5 children, he only spends love for a child. 4 remaining people, including Ms. Dolores sent to a local monastery. Living away from the family made her Dolores day cry every night. The sisters could not stand the statue of that committee and they often pulled Dolores to spanking
"I tried to escape it 2 times that were unsuccessful," she recalled. Dolores adoption monastery always ranked her into a young group with rebellious behavior, an unusual mind. Five Dolores were 9 years old, she was returned to her family. At this time, Mr. Viveiro remarried a woman who also had 5 sides of his own children and she was pregnant with a common child. The Dolores house was extremely bad. They do not have electricity, no clean water for daily use. Every day, it is a day Dolores to live in the middle of the earthly hell scene. She was tortured, beaten by her father and aisle. Mr. Viveiro even wants to go to the daughter into the center for children in mind. The director of the center refused to accept a scolded scold: why he acted like that, his daughter was completely normal. Dolores's education path did not last long, just like the son Ronaldo after that. At the age of 13, Mr. Viveiro pressed his daughter to stop learning to stay at home to help his family. Every day, Dolores must wake up from 5 am to wear baskets to sell. All the money can be given by the other aunt ... disappear. Depressed lives of humiliation, Dolores always looking forward to finding a way.Ronaldo is a light with Dolores, the first escape named Jose Dinis Aveiro. She went to the flower car when he was 18 years old, and there were 3 children before welcoming the 22nd birthday. Aveiro's house decided to not give birth to any more children, suddenly "break the plan". The day he was carrying in his birth, he would become Cristiano Ronaldo, Mrs. Dolores didn't want the baby to be born. The head Ms. Dolores came to the doctor to ask about abortion procedures. Dr. Bao Bao is so big, the removal can seriously affect health. The situation made her forced to give birth to the fourth child in a reluctant way. Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, with the name "Ronaldo" placed under US President Ronald Reagan. The brothers and sisters in the house began to make money from small, helping the youngest brothers grow in their mother's love and football. No measure can calculate the love of Mrs. Dolores for Ronaldo, the child Almost denied it. Five CR7 to 14 years old, she received a parent invitation from the school with a notice of expulsion. The homeroom teacher said Ronaldo's behavior could not be acceptable. He dared to hold the chair thrown into the teacher and it became a laughing game for the whole school. "The child won't do anything with the academic attitude like this," said the other teacher who heavy lead excelled by Dolores. Before the scratches, Ronaldo was only silent; But she did not scold her son despite only one word when CR7 home. Dolores believed Ronaldo and listened to everything he said, especially when CR7 said he wanted to drop out of school to pursue a career playing the ball.Rondo could be full of all over the world to play because Mrs. Dolores always restrained all Jobs at home. During the time CR7 wore Real, Mrs. Dolores came to live, giving Ronaldo children to eat and go to school every day. Ronaldo's mother is also the one who directly affects his private life. CR7 can date singer, model, but bring them to life together is another thing. Irina Shayk broke up with Ronaldo after 5 years of dating just because his mother didn't want two married people. When CR7 gradually stepped into the last years of his career, Ms. Dolores's health was no longer as before. Ronaldo's mother was twice to treat breast cancer, and she had just surgery after the stroke last year. The energy and the years overcome difficulties

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